Comment    August 1, 2018

Feldman v Polaris Media Pty Ltd as trustee of The Polaris Media Trust trading as The Australian Jewish News (No 2)

Justice McCallum finds for The Australian Jewish News in Feldman defamation case ... "Highest journalistic integrity" ... Honest opinion and justification made out by defendants ... Plaintiff attempting to revise the evidence he gave to the child sex abuse Royal Commission ... "Bizarre" evidence ... Contextual truth considered ... Defence of fair protected report rejected ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Truth    March 22, 2018

#MeToo meets the law

Rush v Nationwide News … Cultural clash … Conflation of serious and trivial allegations … Complainants and the truth defence … Comment from media lawyer Graham Hryce ... more


Truth    March 20, 2018

Rush v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Most of the Daily Telegraph's defence in the Geoffrey Rush defamation case struck out by Federal Court judge ... Defences determined before the imputations are argued ... Justice Michael Wigney explores innocent explanation for Rush being in the STC female toilets ... more


Imputations    February 22, 2018


The #MeToo movement has generated its fair share of litigation as alleged perpetrators shape-up to meet their alleged victims in court ... Defamation ... Geoffrey Rush v Daily Telegraph ... Craig McLachlan v Fairfax and the ABC   ... more


Truth    April 26, 2016

Malcolm Weatherup v NewsCorp Australia

Townsville jury finds former Townsville Bulletin court reporter was defamed by a snippet in Sharri Markson’s media gossip column … It’s not true that Malcolm Weatherup was “habitually intoxicated” and “incurred the wrath of judges” ... more


Truth    November 17, 2015

Paul Hudson v Susan Mellis

Another self-represented plaintiff loses his case, this time in the QLD District Court … Judge David Reid finds the solicitor/plaintiff’s demeanour “aggressive”, “strident”, “grossly offensive and rude” ... more


Truth    February 28, 2015

Sandra De Poi v Advertiser News Weekend Publishing Company Pty Ltd

Defamation action brought by the former partner of a South Australian Labor MP is dismissed … It’s true that Sandra De Poi knowingly engaged in dishonest electoral practices by wearing a bogus “Family First” T-shirt and handing out fake how-to-vote cards ... more


Truth    March 5, 2014

Anthony Allen v Laurel Lloyd-Jones

Re-hearing of “bullying” imputations pits former mayor of Bega Tony Allen against his old critic, local Franciscan nun, Laurel Lloyd-Jones … Truth and damages at stake ... more


Truth    November 15, 2013

Born Brands Pty Ltd & Ors v Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd & Ors

Channel Nine defeats defamation and injurious falsehood claims brought over a news item which warned consumers about the dangers of baby “sleep positioners” ... Justice Christine Adamson determines the plaintiffs’ case fails the first threshold – meaning – and the rest ... more