Truth    August 1, 2009

Keysar Trad v Harbour Radio Pty Ltd

Muslim community spokesman Keysar Trad loses his defamation action against 2GB in spectacular fashion. NSW Chief Judge at Common Law Peter McClellan upholds the defences of truth, comment and qualified privilege, finding Trad a dangerous individual who incites acts of violence and racist attitudes ... more


Truth    May 26, 2009

Mamdouh Habib v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

NSW Court of Appeal asked to overturn Nationwide News victory against former terrorist suspect Mamdouh Habib on the basis that Justice Peter McClellan wrongly admitted evidence obtained after he was tortured in Pakistan and Guantanamo Bay ... more


Truth    July 5, 2008

Orsborn v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Truth wins case for Fairfax as Justice John Hislop finds former mortgage broker Geoffrey King (Orsborn) deceived a borrower by failing to disclose that his wife, Paris King Orsborn, was the lender ... more


Truth    May 8, 2008

Ron Cross v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

The NSW Court of Appeal finds that Acting Justice Cooper erred comprehensively – in relation to justification and by failing to consider any other defences in Gold Coast marketeer Ron Cross’ action against The Courier-Mail. Justice Margaret Beazley orders another trial ... more


Truth    March 11, 2008

Mamdouh Habib v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib (pic) loses his defamation suit against The Daily Telegraph. Justice Peter McClellan finds he wasn’t telling the truth about a number of things, including that he’d never been to Afghanistan ... more


Truth    February 28, 2008

Jamie Fawcett v John Fairfax Publications & Annette Sharp

Rare win for media as celebrity photojournalist Jamie Fawcett suffers a spectacular loss in his defamation action against The Sun Herald. Justice Carolyn Simpson finds Fawcett is a “cowboy” who placed a bug outside Nicole Kidman’s home and caused havoc in her private life. ... more


Truth    June 20, 2006

Roland Bleyer v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Gold bullion in the Philippines, platinum reserves in Siberia, crude oil from Saudi Arabia, hospitals in China, low-cost housing in Colombia, worm farms in the US. Justice McClellan presides over an extraordinary week of evidence from alleged conman “Sir” Roland Bleyer ... more


Truth    March 21, 2006

Thuyen Nguyen v Nguyen & Vu Publishers Pty Ltd & ors

Court 12B in the NSW Supreme Court was the scene of another Vietnam war, this time between anti-communist activist Thuyen Nguyen and the Vietnamese publishers who called him a “Cheating Bachelor”. Tears flow in second-leg defamation trial ... more


Truth    March 3, 2004

Burden v Ainsworth

NSW Court of Appeal moans about arcane defamation complications and deplorable delays as defendant’s defences are restored in Ainsworth case ... more