Journalism    February 15, 2024

AI’s impact on journalism

Artificial intelligence won't put public interest journalists out of business, for now ... AI's impact on media advertising revenue ... Copyright and impediments to accessing data and news archives ... Ariana Haghighi reports ... more


Journalism    February 20, 2023

Journalists’ jamboree

Media Roundtable ... Attorney General's press freedom gathering in Canberra ... What's likely to be discussed ... What should be discussed ... Reporting that seeks to break free from the yoke of "national security" ... Open society inhibited by a range of forces ... Richard Ackland reports ... more


Journalism    February 28, 2022


Upheaval - Disrupted lives in journalism to be launched next week at the Judith Neilson Institute ... Journalists' oral history about the great digital disruption ... Downsized newsrooms ... Editors Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson talk about the journalistic fallout and how the media had been reshaped ... more


Journalism    July 20, 2021

Open and shut justice

Tentative proposals for a new public access regime for NSW court information ... New legislation to replace Court Suppression and Non-Publication Orders Act ... Extended grounds for suppression orders to include "undue embarrassment" ... Tighter restrictions on tweeting and naming victims of crime ... Court Exclusion Orders ... Court Information Commission ... Kick-starting the Court Information Act ... Janek Drevikovsky reports ... more


Journalism    May 8, 2021

Christian Porter v Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Anor

Defence and reply filed in Christian Porter's action against ABC and journalist Louise Milligan ... Respondents arguing truth, contextual truth, qualified privilege and implied freedom of political communication ... Truth to imputations that Porter reasonably suspected of rape ... Contextual imputations concern reasonable grounds for suspicion, fitness for office, investigation warranted ... Implied freedom of political communication argument on identification, qualified privilege and damages ... Porter claims defences defeated by malice ... Claims woman declined to speak to Milligan ..."Relentless campaign" ... Courts Editor Stephen Murray reports ... more


Journalism    March 24, 2021

Press freedom push from the University of Queensland

Policy papers from schools of law and communications ... The AFP raids, espionage laws, whistleblowing and journalists' privilege ... Reactive legislation ... Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh in conversation with Peter Greste ... Journalism that embarrasses the government but does not undermine national security ... Anna Kretowicz reports ... more


Journalism    February 6, 2021

Policing the Fourth Estate

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security recommends timid tweaks to telco interception regime ... Government responds to Moss recommendations on public interest disclosure ... Wither whistleblowers ... Computer zapping legislation ... Expanded ASIO powers of interrogation ... Michael Baker reports ... more


Journalism    January 2, 2020

The Age Company Pty Ltd v YZ (a Pseudonym)

Victorian Court of Appeal orders reassessment of damages in the post-traumatic stress case against The Age ... The extent to which a duty of care is owed a traumatised journalist ... Avoidance of injury ... Requirements for a reasonable employer ... Breach of duty of care arose after transfer from crime reporting to the Supreme Court round ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Journalism    March 4, 2019

YZ (a pseudonym) v The Age Company Ltd

Psychological damage to journalist brought on by 10 years of crime and court reporting ... $180,000 in damages for PTSD ... The Age failed to take adequate steps to protect its reporter from "significant psychological injury" ... Exposure to shocking crimes ... Foreseeability ... Stephen Murray reports ... more