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Interlocutory    February 23, 2015  
Time for Monkeys Enterprises Pty Ltd v Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd

Another defamation action bites the dust, almost before it starts … NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson finds the absent plaintiff’s case “hopelessly pleaded” (among other things) and summarily dismisses it ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    February 20, 2015   thumbnail
Rihanna succeeds in controlling how her image is used

The UK Court of Appeal confirms there is no general right to control one’s image … Nevertheless, celebrity Rihanna manages to, via a passing off claim … Barrister Sara Mansoori explains in this Inforrm article ... more

Appeals    February 18, 2015  
Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Darren Hibbert

Nationwide News refused leave to appeal imputations pleaded by a “mystery man” The Daily Telegraph accused of obtaining illegal drug supplements for Manly and Cronulla players ... more

Interlocutory    February 18, 2015   thumbnail
Justine Munsie v Shane Dowling (No 4)

Sydney media lawyer Justine Munsie and one of her clients, Seven boss Kerry Stokes, succeed in having contemptuous blogger’s amended defence struck out … The NSW Chief Judge at Common Law finds it prejudicial and embarrassing ... more

Dossier    February 17, 2015  
IP news, here and there

Australian gene patent dispute headed for the High Court … Megaupload programmer pleads guilty to copyright infringement … RapidShare to close after 13 years … Rocco Rinaldo reports ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    February 16, 2015   thumbnail
Sex with the office lights on

Privacy in the spotlight in New Zealand after camera phone footage of a couple having public sex was filmed and posted on YouTube without their knowledge … Victoria University academic Dr Nicole Moreham looks at the legal implications ... more

Contempt    February 16, 2015  
Michael Gallagher v Destiny Publications Pty Ltd & Gerasimos Georgatos

A question of contempt … Journalist who sent “inappropriate, improper and offensive” emails to judge’s associate and plaintiff solicitors avoids contempt charges … Rebecca Gall reports ... more

Dossier    February 13, 2015   thumbnail
Shocking shock jock action

Shock jocks from both sides of the country on differing ends of defamation actions … Fairfax under fire in several jurisdictions over crime stories … Seven boss sues ABC … Appeals, settlements, defections ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    February 13, 2015  
Social media, internet threads and defamation in Victoria

Victoria continues to be the second largest defamation jurisdiction in Australia … While the Victorian Supreme Court is seeing more cases involving comments posted on Facebook and internet threads, the numbers are far from significant … James Nunez reports ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    February 11, 2015   thumbnail
What price reputation?

The high cost of running a defamation action means often only the well-heeled or the impecunious can afford to sue … For defendants, the costs can be even more prohibitive says Sydney media lawyer Graham Hryce ... more

Costs    February 9, 2015  
Tobias Moran v Schwartz Publishing Pty Ltd & Virginia Peters (No 2)

Book publisher succeeds in obtaining $500,000 security for costs in case brought by a man who claims he was accused of murdering his backpacker girlfriend … The plaintiff’s use of “top end of town” lawyers is a factor ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    February 6, 2015   thumbnail
The perils of self-represented litigation

As internet publication swells, so do the numbers of self-represented defamation litigants … NSW District Court Defamation List Judge Judith Gibson says reform is needed … Nina Ubaldi investigates ... more

Costs    February 5, 2015  
Shashikanth Mallegowda v Amit Sood & Anor (No. 3)

Feuding members of Newcastle’s Indian community run up costs of almost $600,000 over two emails before abandoning their legal representation … NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson refuses the defendants a security for costs order ... more

Media Matters    February 5, 2015  
Media standards: Some challenges and opportunities

The Australian Press Council’s outgoing chair Professor Julian Disney has plenty to say about journalism in the digital age, warning against the intrusive power of social media and its corrosive effect on accuracy … Read the full text of his recent address to the National Press Club ... more

Media Matters    February 3, 2015   thumbnail
True crime reporting

The ability of journalists to report what alleged perpetrators of crime tell police is under threat in Victoria, thanks to a small but significant change in the Crimes Act ... Journalists have been charged and the law is being tested ... Andrea Petrie reports ... more

Dossier    February 2, 2015  
On the record

Following the NSW Supreme Court’s lead late last year, media organisations can now record and broadcast judges delivering judgments in the NSW District Court ... more

Damages    January 29, 2015   thumbnail
Philip Gluyas v Oliver Canby

Victorian Supreme Court judge awards Victorian man with Asperger’s $50,000 damages over serious defamation by US “anti-autism” blogger who offered to pay someone to kill him … A second defamation win for the autism advocate ... more

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