Suppression    March 13, 2020

State of NSW v Bowdidge (No. 2) (Application by Nationwide News Pty Ltd)

Justice Peter Hamill ... Daily Telegraph reporter granted partial access to the court file in a case involving extended supervision orders for a high-risk sex offender ... Open justice as an overarching legal principle ... Non-party access to court file ... Glitch in the practice note ... Countervailing considerations ... Quality of court reporting, click-bait and embarrassment not sufficient to overcome fundamental principles ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Suppression    May 14, 2019

Jane Doe v XYZ

Pseudonym order granted to prominent lawyer accused of jilting his lover ... Salacious claims ... Embarrassment ... Trespass to the body ... Battery ... Nervous shock ... Order necessary to prevent the applicant's wife from discovering infidelities ... Supreme Court of Victoria ... Janek Drevikovsky reports ... more


Suppression    May 10, 2019

Geoffrey Rush v Nationwide News

Yael Stone identified as Witness X in the Geoffrey Rush defamation case ... Her allegations against Rush, some of a sexual nature, already aired in the New York Times and on the ABC ... Details of Stone's evidence remain suppressed ... Newspaper gives interim undertakings not to repeat the substance of Rush's imputations ... Lawyers for Rush say the Telegraph is "attacking the court" ... Nationwide News will ask Justice Wigney to recuse himself from further handling the case ... Apprehended bias ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Suppression    January 31, 2019

Roberts-Smith v Fairfax Media Publications

Identity of defence witness suppressed ... Concerns about safety of the witness ... Disturbing threats made on social media ... Violence also threatened against TV panellist who criticised Roberts-Smith  ... No suggestion the applicant is responsible for the threats ... Identity of "Person 17" unlikely to be suppressed at trial ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Suppression    December 18, 2018

A brief history of recent court suppressions

"Suppression" is the media-law word for 2018 ... Everyone wants to know more about what has been suppressed by the courts ... Invariably the cat gets out of the bag ... Latest suppression statistics Australia-wide ... Are suppression orders sensible in the age of the internet? ... Richard Ackland reports ... more


Injunctions    May 15, 2018

Injunctions, suppression and defamation

UPDATE ... Circumspection in reporting required for defamation cases ... Earlier injunction involving sexual abuse allegations lifted as "events changed dramatically" ... Names of anonymous litigants now revealed ... Confidential information in statement of claim suppressed in Ryde Ex-Services Club case ... Nick Bonyhady reports ... more


Suppression    August 20, 2017

Open justice v suppression orders: Tales from the front line

Suppression orders continue to pose a real problem for the media … How do they work and why are they so freely granted? ... News Corp Australia in-house counsel Larina Mullins reports on a recent case from the front line and reviews the current state of play in our courts ... more


Suppression    March 22, 2017

State of NSW v Graham Kay

Lawyers for The Daily Telegraph succeed in getting suppression order pertaining to the “North Shore rapist” lifted … NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison rejects the serial sex offender’s arguments on two grounds – necessity and futility, and includes a warning to “anonymous contributors” ... more


Suppression    March 20, 2017

Lloyd Rayney v The State of Western Australia (No.8)

A rare win for open justice as WA Supreme Court refuses to suppress the identity of a key witness in criminal barrister Lloyd Rayney’s defamation action against the State of WA … Nick Stagg reports ... more


Suppression    February 8, 2017

Suppression city

The same old non-publication order regime emerges early in 2017 … Media succeeds in revoking one set of orders involving the trial on murder charges of Sydney property developer Ron Medich … Otherwise, open justice is closed for business ... more