Suppression    July 22, 2005

Kamm v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

Convicted sex offender, known as “Little Pebble”, fails to stop Today Tonight broadcasting an interview with one of his victims. A second jury trial in relation to a further alleged victim is likely to be held in December 2005 ... more


Suppression    January 25, 2005

Hit or miss system for notifying suppression orders

Because the onus is on the media to get it right and an honest mistake is no defence to a charge of contempt, by and large courts have persisted with sloppy methods of notifying suppression orders to news rooms and in-house legal advisers ... more


Suppression    August 26, 2004

Nine Network Pty Ltd v Alasdair McGregor

Magistrate’s suppression of the DPP’s opening address in the Bradley John Murdoch committal was valid. However, the suppression of photos of Murdoch was made without jurisdiction ... more


Suppression    August 5, 2004

DPP v Carl Williams & Ors

Media commentary about Carl Williams and his family not likely to prejudice their imminent trials. Justice Cummins extols the robustness of the jury ... more