Contempt    March 4, 2013

Take-down orders in the internet age

A fair trial in the internet age? Paul Karp discusses the characteristics of the internet which make take-down orders to battle sub judice contempt increasingly futile ... more


Contempt    February 15, 2013

Contempt of court

The UK Law Commission’s consultation paper Contempt of Court is currently looking at online historical publications, the position of the juror and measures to ensure a fair trial for the accused. Melbourne media lawyer Peter Bartlett reviews the Australian experience in this submission to the commission ... more


Contempt    March 23, 2009

R v General Television Corporation Pty Ltd

Supreme Court of Victoria fines Channel Nine $15,000 for “careless” contempt over gangland widow Judy Moran’s naming of four prosecution witnesses during an interview with Libby Gore on “The Catch-Up”. Justice Thomas Smith finds it a serious breach and records a conviction ... more


Contempt    March 23, 2009

R v The Herald & Weekly Times Pty Ltd

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Thomas Smith fines The Herald Sun $25,000 over two contempts in which a gangland informer was identified. The respondent’s remorse was “significantly qualified” he said ... more


Contempt    December 9, 2008

R v Nationwide News Pty Ltd & Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

The Supreme Court of Victoria dismisses contempt charges brought against the Daily Telegraph and the Courier Mail over their reporting of the “Benbrika terrorists” committal hearing. Suppression orders in Victoria do not apply to publication outside Victoria, says Justice Philip Mandie ... more


Contempt    July 18, 2008

R v Herald & Weekly Times Pty Ltd and Peter Blunden

Graphic illustration of contempt. The Herald Sun fined $10,000 for publishing details of a so-called Melbourne “gangland” murder during an accused man’s trial. Justice Emilios Kyrou finds the pressure of deadlines no excuse ... more


Contempt    July 2, 2008

R v Purdie & The Advocate Newspaper Pty Ltd

Tasmania’s The Advocate fined $5000 over “unintentional” contempt committed by experienced court reporter. Supreme Court Justice Pierre Slicer finds the paper’s “lapses of judgment or taste” irrelevant to the penalty ... more


Contempt    June 30, 2008

R v Sammut & WIN Television Vic Pty Ltd

Regional broadcaster WIN Television fined $50,000 for contempt over news report of a criminal trial. Justice Hartley Hansen finds Gippsland bureau chief Anita Sammut was “careless”, but not “reckless” ... more


Contempt    January 9, 2008

R v Herald & Weekly Times Ltd

The Crown has failed to have contempt charges brought against the Herald & Weekly Times and Herald Sun editor Peter Blunden over two court reports which were not fair, but which could not be proved to prejudice a fair trial ... more