Contempt    October 2, 2018

In contempt

"Free speech" activist gets another stint of jail time ... Inmate of St Heliers Correctional Centre ... Justice not seen to be done as the judgment is suppressed ... History of lurid and unsubstantiated attacks on judges, lawyers and businessmen ... Conspiracy theories as journalism ... more


Contempt    May 29, 2018

The Queen v Nationwide News Pty Ltd & Craig Dunlop

NT chief justice dismisses contempt case against the NT News and court reporter Craig Dunlop ... Video of one-punch attack posted on newspaper's website contrary to condition imposed by the trial judge ... Court registrar brings contempt proceedings ... Nick Bonyhady reports ... more


Contempt    August 10, 2017

Jane Doe 1 & 2 v Shane Dowling

A blogger who has flagrantly and persistently flouted suppression and take down orders in relation to the alleged affairs of Seven CEO Tim Worner with two Seven employees is sent to jail for contempt … NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison finds he breached the orders “enthusiastically” and continues to do so ... more


Contempt    April 20, 2017

Jane Doe 1 & 2 v Shane Dowling

For the second time in as many years a NSW blogger has been found guilty of contempt … NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison finds his breaches of suppression orders “intentional, wilful and deliberate” and warns that imprisonment could be the penalty this time … Daniel Ahern reports ... more


Contempt    November 1, 2016

Robert Balzola v Gary Burns

Sydney solicitor fails to prosecute contempt charges against gay activist over an offensive letter sent to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal registrar … Its limited publication did not objectively satisfy the test ... more


Contempt    August 22, 2014

Thomas Tate v Amanda Duncan-Strelec

A woman who lost a Supreme Court case against the mayor of the Gold Coast has been found guilty of five charges of contempt in relation to a website she set up to attack him … NSW Supreme Court Justice Patricia Bergin calls for the defendant’s medical records before considering punishment ... more


Contempt    July 22, 2014

Justine Munsie & Kerry Stokes v Shane Dowling

Acting Justice Henric Nicholas declares blogger Shane Dowling guilty of contempt … Another round to media proprietor Kerry Stokes and his lawyer Justine Munsie in long-running battle to halt defamatory posts ... more


Contempt    July 15, 2014

Justine Munsie & Kerry Stokes v Shane Dowling

Blogger admits he breached non-publication orders but tells the court he doesn’t believe he’s guilty … Acting Justice Henric Nicholas wrestles with all manner of inconsistencies in a contempt hearing full of contempt for the system ... more


Contempt    December 1, 2013

Thomas Tate v Amanda Duncan-Strelec

Self-represented defendant facing contempt charges over defamatory website tells the NSW Supreme Court she is ready to go to jail “because I’m telling the truth” ... The plaintiff says he’s content with an injunction, rather than damages ... more