Privacy    December 13, 2017

Sawa Pty Ltd v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Not for publication: ABC fails to get secretly recorded video footage of animal cruelty released after it was first granted by a magistrate ... Privacy trumps public interest according to WA Supreme Court Justice John Chaney ... Carmel Galati reports ... more


Privacy    December 7, 2016

“JZ” and Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Australian Information Commissioner finds insufficient public interest in an FOI request for cabinet documents containing details of a former federal MP’s inappropriate behaviour towards a female public servant in a Hong Kong bar … Justin Pen reports ... more


Privacy    October 4, 2016

Privacy injunction granted following iCloud hack

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister is granted a continuing privacy injunction in respect of all her material stored on iCloud, after it was hacked … The UK High Court warns of criminal prosecution ... more


Privacy    March 11, 2016

Sex on the net and the birth of a privacy law

The internet has created new opportunities for invasions of privacy, but does that necessarily mean we need a new set of laws? Sydney media lawyer Tim Senior thinks we have sufficient remedies in existing laws ... more


Privacy    March 9, 2016

Remedies for the serious invasion of privacy in NSW

Do we really need another report recommending a privacy law? Sydney media lawyer Sally McCausland reviews the latest proposals from a NSW parliamentary committee and finds that some important questions remain unanswered ... more


Privacy    January 26, 2015

Data protection claim against Google to go to trial

Max Mosley’s campaign to “clean up” internet images depicting him engaged in sado-masochistic games with prostitutes gets a boost from the English High Court …. In this Inforrm article London barrister Lorna Skinner examines the implications for Google and others ... more


Privacy    April 22, 2014

Weller v Associated Newspapers Limited

Paparazzi, beware … A recent UK judgment saw the children of pop singer Paul Weller awarded damages over photographs taken in California without their consent … Alexia Bedat examines the decision in this Inforrm article ... more


Privacy    September 26, 2013

Von Hannover v Germany (No 3)

Princess Caroline of Monaco loses another privacy claim in the European Court of Human Rights … The court finds a photograph of the Princess and her husband taken without their knowledge and published in 2002 “had made a contribution to a debate of general interest” ... more