Legislation    June 7, 2018

NSW urges defamation reform for the cyber age

Defamation law reform ... NSW Department of Justice's statutory review of the Defamation Act, 2005 ... Working group to consider recommendations ... NSW AG Mark Speakman presses federal and state colleagues into action ... Law lagging in the era of social media and internet publishing ... Call for serious harm threshold, proportionality, a single publication rule and ISPs as innocent disseminators with safe harbour protections ... Stephen Murray reports on the report ... more


Legislation    May 11, 2018

Nyoni v Pharmacy Board of Australia

Absolute privilege for regulators sued by pharmacist ... Quasi-judicial proceedings ... Public document defence ... Misleading information posted on a public register ... Carmel Galati reports ... more


Legislation    March 9, 2018

Reporting the secret state

Government's proposed amendments to the new Commonwealth secrecy provisions ... Open-ended risk to journalists ... Uncertainty as to liability when reporting government information ... Flaws in the law ... Richard Ackland on crimes associated with "dealing" in government information   ... more


Legislation    January 27, 2018

New official secrets legislation casts an uncertain net

Media organisations combine to oppose foreign interference Bill ... Tighter secrecy measures ... Criminalising of news gathering ... Inadequate defence for journalists in possession of classified information ... Nick Bonyhady files this report ... more