Interlocutory/Case-Management    November 19, 2009

Kwang Suk Ra v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Federal Court of Australia embraces the jury … Justice Steven Rares uses his discretion to order that a defamation action brought by a brothel owner be heard in the FCA by 12 jurors ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    September 12, 2008

Bracks v Smyth-Kirk

An Australian Jockey Club member’s attempt to sue twice over the same publication is an abuse of process, says NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum. Noel Bracks’ action against AJC Chairman Ross Smyth-Kirk is dismissed ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    April 16, 2008

Mamdouh Habib v Radio 2UE Pty Ltd and Macquarie Radio Network Ltd

Another blow to former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib’s defamation aspirations. NSW District Court judge Judith Gibson strikes out his action against 2UE and 2GB, calling it an abuse of process and “an exercise in absurdity” ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    March 2, 2007

DPP v Corby

Queensland Court of Appeal freezes payments to the Corby family from Schapelle Corby’s book My Story and interviews her sister Mercedes gave to New Idea. The Corbys have missed the June 15 appeal deadline ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    March 6, 2006

Mark French v Triple M Melbourne Pty Ltd

Triple M gets summary judgment for professional cyclist Mark French set aside. French’s solicitor acted in a “precipitate and unwarranted, if nonetheless legal” manner, says Justice Bongiorno ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    January 14, 2005

James Byrne v Paul Barry

Use of AVOs not readily available to impede journalists seeking footage for a story. No reasonable ground to fear harassment. Costs order against Jim Byrne ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    July 9, 2004

SMEC Holdings Ltd v Boniface

The fact that proceedings were likely to be lengthy, complex and acrimonious did not mean that a jury should not sit as the tribunal of fact in a section 7A trial ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    May 20, 2003

Hanna v Maks

Justice Levine finds that defamation proceedings amounted to menacing of a newspaper’s advertisers. Plaintiff’s case dismissed as an abuse of process ... more