Imputations    April 18, 2019

Victor Dominello v Harbour Radio Pty Ltd trading as 2GB

Important breakthrough for contextual truth defence ... State government minister unsuccessfully sought to "cover the field" by adopting the defendant's contextual truth imputations ... Plaintiff had no belief the contextual imputations were untrue ... Purpose of the amended statement of claim was to prevent 2GB relying on the contextual truth defence ... Abuse of process ... Stephen Murray reporting ... more


Imputations    February 3, 2019

Knell v Harris & Lance & Netline Pty Ltd

Dispute over management of strata investment scheme ... Email to strata manager did not convey imputations of guilt ... Qualified privilege ... Information relevant to strata owners ... WA District Court ... Janek Drevikovsky reports ... more


Imputations    September 11, 2018

D.G. Certifiers Pty Ltd & Anor v Hawksworth

Online posts critical of certification company and its proprietor ... Refusal to refund for services not provided ... Most of the imputations did not arise ... Triumph for self-represented defendant ... Nick Bonyhady reports ... more


Imputations    February 23, 2018

Case note round-up

Interlocutory decisions in defamation ... ABC defends pleadings in affordable housing case ... Kambala's former principal gets partial discovery of school documents ... Qualified privilege for NT government department's advice to the minister ... WA charity directors not required for mediation ... Nick Bonyhady reports  ... more


Imputations    February 22, 2018


The #MeToo movement has generated its fair share of litigation as alleged perpetrators shape-up to meet their alleged victims in court ... Defamation ... Geoffrey Rush v Daily Telegraph ... Craig McLachlan v Fairfax and the ABC   ... more


Imputations    October 7, 2016

John McMillan v The Federal Capital Press of Australia Pty Ltd

Former Australian Information Commissioner maintains most of his pleaded imputations for an article in The Canberra Times ... Allegations of hypocrisy and betrayal do not arise, but those of negligence and incompetence do … Naaman Zhou reports ... more


Imputations    May 18, 2015

Lisa Pryor v Mark Latham & Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd

NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum side-steps “feminist post-structuralist discourse analysis” and strikes out two imputations pleaded by Fairfax columnist Lisa Pryor over a comment piece by Mark Latham in The Australian Financial Review ... more


Imputations    May 18, 2015

Nick Di Girolamo v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd (No 2)

What constitutes corrupt conduct is the subject of a second round of argument over imputations pleaded by former Australian Water Holdings boss Nick Di Girolamo for a series of Sydney Morning Herald articles covering the ICAC inquiry into Eddie Obeid ... more


Imputations    March 30, 2015

Morgan Ryan v Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Imputations judgment leaves Lionel Murphy’s “little mate” with four out of 16 imputations he originally pleaded … Ten to be re-pleaded as his lawyer asks for an expedited hearing due to his client’s “advanced years” ... more


Imputations    October 28, 2014

Rachelle Louise v Australia Pty Ltd

Imputations alleging the girlfriend of convicted murderer Simon Gittany is “ridiculous” and “stupid” get short shrift in the NSW District Court … Judge Judith Gibson also finds problems with four imputations pleaded by a man once suspected of murder … Nina Ubaldi reports ... more


Imputations    August 14, 2014

Clive Palmer v Nationwide News Pty Ltd & Ors

Clive Palmer suffers a major blow in his defamation action against The Australian and two of its journalists … Nine out of ten imputations pleaded for three articles are struck out … Victoria Keller reports ... more