Interlocutory/Case-Management    January 24, 2019

David Leyonhjelm v Sarah Hanson-Young

Case management hearing ... Leave to appeal on question of parliamentary privilege ... Applicant attempts to stay defamation action ... Reliance on words used in parliament ... Lack of clarity about appeal point ... Stephen Murray reports ... more


Costs    January 21, 2019

Johnson v Powrie

A defamation action ... What possibly could go wrong, apart from 18 years of getting nowhere, a ruined lawyer, an out-of-pocket plaintiff and judicial errors? ... A story from the ACT Supreme Court ... Janek Drevikovsky reports ... more


Sources    January 16, 2019

Jensen v Nationwide News Pty Ltd [No.6]

Former Liberal politician failed in an earlier attempt to discover journalist's sources ... Now he attempts to subpoena Telstra for journalist's record of phone communications ... WA Chief Justice Quinlan upholds part of plaintiff's subpoena for information from The Australian and its journalist Andrew Burrell ... However, the sources are off limits ... Journalist's counter-claim against the plaintiff ... Janek Drevikovsky reports ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    January 14, 2019

The futility of media suppression in the digital era

That suppression order - the one everybody is talking about ... Making orders stick is the challenge of the global digital era ... Paper tigers where enforcement is futile ... Open and closed justice ... Michael Douglas comments ... more