Dossier    September 4, 2007

The media critique we deserve

David Salter on the Media We Deserve ... Geoffrey Robertson QC at the free speech dinner on how England has outpaced Australia on defamation law reform … Dilemma for imputation retrials: should the new jury obey the Court of Appeal or think for itself? ... more


Dossier    August 27, 2007

NSW Bar’s contempt case stymied

Bar’s contempt case against The Daily Telegraph delayed till later this year … Crosby/Texter wants source for leak of confidential Liberal Party poll … Media Law Resource Centre London conference … Gacic back for imputation retrial … Frank Lewincamp’s defamation case against The Bulletin kicks off in Canberra … Appeals from 2UE in “ankles” case and Jerry Lee Bennette in Ian Cohen case ... more


Dossier    July 27, 2007

Ray Chesterton takes on John Laws

Ray Chesterton takes on John Laws over “Ankles” slur … Telegraph back in court with NSW Bar Association contempt claim … New life breathed into Echo QP appeal … Retired coppers suing ex-MP over “Shorty” Jamieson book … The confused law of comment ... more


Dossier    May 23, 2007

ACP settles with Dawson

Charlotte Dawson settles with Woman’s Day for $225,000 … Fairfax gets leave to appeal against the strike-out of its defences in Shari-Lea Hitchcock case ... more


Dossier    May 18, 2007

Jones settles with Fairfax

Jones, Packer and Priest settle … NSW Police Commissioner applying for wider suppression … New ABC counsel in Griffith case … ABC to appeal Doe findings … Polly Peck leads to the High Court … Convictions upheld for child “divorce” reports ... more


Dossier    March 26, 2007

Defamation round-up

Defamation round-up: Matt Mitchell v MAX FM … Huge ABC payout for Norman Swan story … Ghosts of the NRMA stirred again by Richard Talbot … Sunday goes down in s.7A trial … Sydney Morning Herald settles with the former PM of Bangladesh ... more


Dossier    September 6, 2006

High Court upholds conclusive certificates in FOI case

Dollar Pete’s conclusive “public interest”certificates sink FOI… New defamation book launched in Sydney by Michael Kirby, Sydney media law conference… Hore-Lacy action in Melbourne delayed… Defamation threat against a pensioner costs law firm millions ... more


Dossier    August 27, 2003


Justice Henric Nicholas to take over busy NSW defamation list in unconventional equity-common law double header ... more


Dossier    June 12, 2003


Smiles all round at Len Evans’ settlement with The Australian Financial Review. Rugby league brothers settle with The Daily Telegraph ... more