Media Matters    December 20, 2012

Leveson Down Under

Lord Justice Leveson recently appeared at two conferences in Australia, but not to discuss his mammoth two-thousand page report on media practices and ethics … Richard Ackland explains why his Sydney talk on privacy and the internet “was like watching Pavlova walking, instead of dancing” … more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 19, 2012

Leveson Report: Distortion of the debate

The Leveson Report has precipitated an avalanche of reaction, commentary and debate, not all of it balanced or accurate … In this Inforrm article barrister Edward Craven dissects the distortions ... more


Intellectual property    December 18, 2012

IP news here, and there

Star Wars fans fret over Disney takeover … European Union unifies patent system … Patent trolls succeed in claiming Apple iPhone breaches ... Chinese patent office now world leader ... more


Dossier    December 17, 2012

With apologies (again) Alan Jones

Alan Jones apologises seven years after vilifying broadcast … Sports journo sues over gambling story … Former union secretary sues over “bagman” allegations … “Boarding house of death” operators missing in action … Kazal brothers quit while behind … Former political candidate sues over Facebook comments … Vascular surgeons in bloody dispute … Osteopath sues his former employer … and vice versa ... more


Damages    December 12, 2012

Douglas Trenham v Platinum Traders & Darryl Loane

Toowoomba real estate agent awarded $100,000 over a malicious letter sent to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and others … District Court judge rejects both common law and statutory qualified privilege defences and finds malice … more


Intellectual property    December 10, 2012

IP news here, and there

TGA recommends changes to drug packaging … Leaked FTA draft proposes tougher copyright regime … Key Apple patent invalid … HTC-Apple deal revealed … Human genes under patent microscope ... more


Qualified Privilege    December 6, 2012

Tony Papaconstuntinos v Peter Holmes a Court

Former union man Tony Papaconstuntinos loses long-running action against businessman Peter Holmes a Court … High Court majority decision confirms that common law qualified privilege protects defamatory statements made without a “pressing need” ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 6, 2012

High Court to rule on free speech

The High Court is about to consider the extent of the qualified privilege defence … Sydney media lawyer Graham Hryce looks at the issues raised and what’s at stake for freedom of speech in Australia ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 5, 2012

Leveson: Does the sentence fit the crime?

It appears Lord Justice Leveson has pleased no one with his recently delivered report on media regulation … In this article Des Freedman wades through the hyperbole to analyse the report’s strengths and weaknesses ... more


Dossier    December 3, 2012

The politics of defamation

Let the stoush begin … The woman who claimed Tony Abbott physically intimidated her at university 35 years ago launches defamation proceedings against Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger … Alan Jones off the hook ... more