Privacy    December 26, 2006

Associated Newspapers v Prince of Wales

The Mail on Sunday loses appeal in Prince Charles privacy case involving his personal journals. The English Court of Appeal found that the Prince of Wales’ right to privacy clearly outweighed the public interest, notwithstanding his candid comments about the Chinese ... more


Imputations    December 13, 2006

Robin Bass v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Acting Justice Hunt interrogates the meaning of the word “shonky” before dismissing shonky building subcontractor, Robin Bass’ second appeal. The marathon case against Nine commenced 16 years ago ... more


Imputations    December 8, 2006

Bingle v Emap Australia Pty Ltd

Federal Court decides that Sutherland Shire “celebrity” and sometime ice skater, Laura Bingle, can proceed with her defamation action against Zoo Weekly. An imputation that she agreed to “pose topless” for a “smutty” men’s magazine was clearly defamatory, said Justice Edmonds ... more


Section 7A    November 13, 2006

Archer Field v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

An hotelier whose establishment was likened to “Fawlty Towers” has been entirely successful in a s.7A trial against The Sunday Telegraph. All eight imputations pleaded by Archer Field, former manager of Jenolan Caves House, get up ... more


Trial reports    November 9, 2006

Ron Cross v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

Scot Wheelhouse SC, appearing for The Courier-Mail, pulls no punches in his final submissions, accusing Acting Justice Cooper of prejudging the case. After five weeks and more than 150 exhibits, much is unravelling ... more


Damages    November 2, 2006

McGaw v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

A David Richardson beat-up sees Justice Rothman award former NSW rugby league superstar Mark “Sparkles” McGaw “damages of the highest order” – $385,000 – over a Today Tonight story that did “extraordinary” damage to his reputation … more


Trial reports    October 29, 2006

Ron Cross v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

Wollongong businessman Ron Cross’ defamation trial puts the ethics of Gold Coast “marketeering” under the microscope and recalls what Somerset Maugham said of Monaco: “A sunny place for shady people.” ... more


Qualified Privilege    October 19, 2006

Wall Street Journal Europe Sprl v Jameel and others

House of Lords gives Reynolds qualified privilege a radical overhaul. The law should encourage responsible journalism and the standards required should be applied by judges in a practical and flexible manner ... more