Suppression    January 25, 2005

Hit or miss system for notifying suppression orders

Because the onus is on the media to get it right and an honest mistake is no defence to a charge of contempt, by and large courts have persisted with sloppy methods of notifying suppression orders to news rooms and in-house legal advisers ... more


More...    January 18, 2005

Burns v Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd & Ors

Broadcast by Steve Price and John Laws on 2UE which mocked “poofs” and their “grubby activities” capable of inciting hatred towards homosexual men. Breach of Anti-Discrimination Act found by Administrative Decisions Tribunal ... more


Damages    January 18, 2005

Jones v Sutton

NSW Court of Appeal says Judge Gibson’s reasoning on the defence of unlikelihood of harm is “difficult to analyse”. Trial judge applied the wrong test for the defence. Damages of $5,000 awarded for defamation by Warringah councillor … more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    January 14, 2005

James Byrne v Paul Barry

Use of AVOs not readily available to impede journalists seeking footage for a story. No reasonable ground to fear harassment. Costs order against Jim Byrne ... more