Damages    August 30, 2001

Middendorp Electric Co Pty v Sonneveld

The plaintiff, a large wholesale supplier of electrical parts and equipment, sued the defendant, a licensed electrical contractor, for slander over allegations that he was a “slow payer” of debts. Subsequent to the publication of the alleged slander, the plaintiff was convicted on two serious criminal offences. The plaintiff argued that his reputation should be assessed as it stood at the time of publication not as it was after the convictions. It was held that damages were to be assessed “as at today”. But for the convictions, an award of damages would have been $250 but because the convictions had occurred, the damages were considerably less. … more


Damages    April 12, 2001

Bacon & Ors v Hansch

Two Tasmanian union officials sued a union colleague over published allegations of misusing union funds and mismanagement. … more


Damages    February 1, 2001

France & anor v Zimmermann

Letter written to third party. Imputations that plaintiff (1) was totally unethical in business dealings; that plaintiff (2) was a dishonourable company and that business dealings with either plaintiff were risky. … more


Damages    February 1, 2001

Brown v Marron & anor

Letter opposing plaintiff’s application to join a golf club. Imputations that plaintiff was an unethical real estate agent, associated with undesirable people, had been hard on his creditors and a former partner, had a conviction for overcrowding in a nightclub and was responsible for poor behaviour of his nightclub bouncers, had contravened the law by being a major promoter in a pyramid selling organisation and was so unsuitable for membership of the club that any other person on the waiting list would be a better choice. … more


Damages    February 1, 2001

Wyss v Dobson & ors

“Child Moleste” spray painted on front shutter of plaintiff’s house. … more