Media Matters    December 20, 2011

Suppressing open justice

In the wake of the courts’ greater willingness to grant suppression and non-publication orders, the NSW Court of Appeal has come down strongly in support of open justice. Richard Ackland casts his eye over the legal landscape, and the judgment … more


Dossier    December 19, 2011

Seeking higher ground

Who’s off to the High Court … Victoria Police stopped in their tracks by The Age ... The long road to judgment … Former Dean of the Conservatorium of Music claims damage to international reputation … Fresh defamation action against the Fin Review, Nine and Seven ... more


Appeals    December 15, 2011

Man Haron Monis & Amirah Droudis v R

NSW Court of Criminal Appeal finds that “offensive” letters sent by a Muslim cleric to the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan are not protected by Lange qualified privilege ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 14, 2011

Defamation Law in Australia – Book Review

The second edition of Patrick George’s Defamation Law in Australia was recently launched by the now former Commonwealth Attorney General, Robert McClelland. Sydney University Professor of Law Barbara McDonald was there and agreed to review the tome ... more


Interlocutory/Case-Management    December 9, 2011

Eoin O’Neill v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd & Ors

NSW Supreme Court Justice Henric Nicholas refuses to strike out Lange defence pleaded by The Courier Mail ... Alan Jones ordered to answer questions forthwith … The Australian wins truth case, loses indemnity costs argument ... more


Appeals    December 6, 2011

The Korean Times Pty Ltd & Anor v Un Dok Pak

NSW Court of Appeal rejects an unusual common law qualified privilege defence argument for The Korean Times, but reduces damages awarded to a Strathfield solicitor by $20,000 ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 2, 2011

Should journalists have privileges? Part one: Journalists and citizens

How far should protection of journalists go as the lines between journalist and citizen bloggers become increasingly blurred? ... Inforrm’s Hugh Tomlinson QC looks at existing laws and discusses the difficulty of determining who should get protection, and what kind ... more


Damages    December 1, 2011

RSPCA (NSW) v Mal Davies

The RSPCA in NSW has been awarded damages of $100,000 over website allegations of cruelty to animals, misconduct and misuse of public donations. The website’s author, Mal Davies, was also ordered to stop posting defamatory material … more


Dossier    November 28, 2011

ABC drama

The ABC in trouble over its hit miniseries Paper Giants ... Channel Nine wins truth case in Brisbane … Former press photographer Derick Sands loses another appeal … ACMA slaps Alan Jones over “turkey” rant … Trucking tycoon starts heavy action against Fairfax … Ship’s captain claims he wasn’t all at sea ... more