Suppression    December 23, 2009

Re Hogan; ex parte West Australian Newspapers Ltd

The WA Court of Appeal has refused The West Australian and Channel Seven leave to appeal an order prohibiting the publication of a videotape showing children being abused at a Perth childcare centre ... more


Media Matters    December 22, 2009

The new, new journalism

Newer than Tom Wolfe’s New Journalism … The forces that are sending good newspapers towards the ditch are also forging changes to what we once understood to be “journalism” … Where does leave the poor old reptile of the press? … Richard Ackland investigates … more


Truth    December 22, 2009

Daniel Snedden v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Nationwide News wins its truth case against Daniel Snedden (aka Captain Dragan). After considering some “harrowing” evidence, NSW Supreme Court Justice Megan Latham concludes that the alleged Serbian war criminal is just that ... more


Publication    December 21, 2009

Jack Idema v ABC & Liz Jackson

US mercenary Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema fails in misguided attempt to sue the ABC and journalist Liz Jackson. New York District Court dismisses his action for copyright infringement and defamation over Media Watch broadcast ... more


Trial reports    December 16, 2009

Abdullah Ahmadi v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd

A case of the facts obscuring the truth? Confusion reigns as a NSW Supreme Court jury is asked to decide between two equally curly versions of events – one given by an alleged people smuggler and the other given by the man he allegedly saved ... more


Trial reports    December 11, 2009

Abdullah Ahmadi v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd

Identity and identification at issue as Afghani-born businessman Abdullah Ahmadi tells a NSW Supreme Court jury he is the “Mr X” in a 2007 Sydney Morning Herald article, but he’s definitely not a people smuggler or an extortionist ... more


More...    December 9, 2009

Bruce Hall v Norman Swan & ABC

NSW Court of Appeal directs a verdict – again. Justices Bergin, Tobias and Sackville agree it was perverse of a jury not to find 10 of 12 imputations pleaded by Professor Bruce Hall for a Science Show program conveyed ... more


Seminars, interviews & commentary    December 8, 2009

Question Time – Gail Hambly

Gail Hambly has been Group General Counsel at Fairfax for sixteen years. In this interview, she shares her perspective on the past, present and future of journalism – in light of a changing media law landscape ... more


Dossier    December 3, 2009

Trad’s appeal arguable

Keysar Trad’s appeal challenged … Palace Cinemas sue The Australian Financial Review and Screen Hub ... Greens MP Ian Cohen’s $1million loss … Imputations weeded out in Victoria and NSW … What sources? Bec Hewitt gets her costs … Expensive Queensland suits ... more


Trial reports    December 3, 2009

Peter Haertsch v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Sydney plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Peter Haertsch wins his hard-fought defamation action against Channel Nine’s A Current Affair. The jury finds all of the imputations he pleaded conveyed – and none of them true ... more