Damages    December 9, 2003

Conservation Council (SA) Inc v Chapman (on appeal)

The plaintiffs sued over 11 publications by the defendant concerning the Hindmarsh Island bridge (eight of which were dismissed)
The fact that publication six referred to the Federal Court and court orders, was not itself sufficient to attract the constitutional protection of the Lange defence. Publication 11 was protected by the defence of extended qualified privilege. Damages were awarded on one of the publications alone. … more


Section 7A    November 28, 2003

Packer v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Jury majority turns down Kerry Packer’s claim against The Sydney Morning Herald. “Insatiable greed for riches” and “megalomaniac” did not arise from Stay in Touch spoof ... more


Section 7A    November 21, 2003

Gregory Hodge v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

“Frenzy of infecting material” will not prejudice jury in early hearing of Olympic Swimming director’s defamation trial against A Current Affair ... more


Section 7A    November 8, 2003

Robert Kelly v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

NSW jury finds that an imputation of homosexuality is not defamatory, nor is one relating to exhibitionism. Otherwise, a Sun-Herald story about a promotional stunt for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras defames former partner of Gadens ... more


Damages    October 13, 2003

Wood v Owens

$300 damages to solicitor arising from defamatory outburst in foyer of the County Court – in earshot of one other … more