Section 7A    August 2, 2007

Keysar Trad v Harbour Radio Pty Ltd

Controversial Muslim community spokesman Keysar Trad succeeds against 2GB. Jury finds that a broadcast by talkback host Jason Morrison alleged Trad was a dangerous individual who incited racism and violence in the wake of the Cronulla riots ... more


Section 7A    July 29, 2007

Peter Nagle v Austereo Pty Ltd

Former NSW Labor MP gets three out of four imputations up against the Morning Crew. Jury finds it not defamatory to say an MP “was so tyrannical he turned his secretary into a personal slave” ... more


Section 7A    July 19, 2007

Daniel Snedden v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

NSW Supreme Court jury wrestles with “grisly” imputations pleaded by a former paramilitary officer who The Australian said committed a massacre during the Bosnian conflict ... more


Section 7A    May 27, 2007

Saffron v Gold Coast Publications

Abe Saffron defamed by clues and solution in a newspaper crossword puzzle. “Sydney underworld figure” found to be defamatory, but “Mr Sin” is not ... more


Section 7A    February 16, 2007

Richard Sheehan v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

A man who claimed $750,000 damages after he slipped on a greasy potato scallop has been entirely successful in the first part of his defamation action against The Daily Telegraph. But not before the editor of The Sunday Telegraph excused himself from jury duty ... more


Section 7A    February 9, 2007

Peter Mohammed v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

Supreme Court jury obeys Justice Michael Adams’ “very strong” directions and reverses the “unreasonable” verdict delivered by the first jury. Today Tonight alleged the plaintiff was a “dishonest financial advisor” ... more


Section 7A    January 31, 2007

Paul Perrett v Newcastle Newspapers Pty Ltd

“Cancer con man” gets one of three imputations up in his defamation action against Newcastle Newspapers, but not the one that held him responsible for a woman’s premature death ... more


Section 7A    November 13, 2006

Archer Field v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

An hotelier whose establishment was likened to “Fawlty Towers” has been entirely successful in a s.7A trial against The Sunday Telegraph. All eight imputations pleaded by Archer Field, former manager of Jenolan Caves House, get up ... more