Qualified Privilege    August 2, 2004

Ainsworth v Burden

Now that the application to strike out the action on grounds of absolute privilege has failed, Len Ainsworth’s case may be the last of the grand old full jury defamation trials in NSW ... more


Qualified Privilege    July 20, 2004

Erglis v Buckley

Republication made under parliamentary privilege can go to damages in defamation case against other parties. Privilege of parliament not impugned says Queensland Court of Appeal ... more


Qualified Privilege    May 6, 2004

Gutnick v Dow Jones & Co Inc (No 4)

According to Justice Bernard Bongiorno, the High Court’s decision on qualified privilege in Bashford requires a “narrow focus both as to subject matter and audience”. Joe Gutnick has Dow Jones’ defences struck out ... more


Qualified Privilege    February 29, 2004

Erglis v Buckley

Parliamentary privilege prevents pleading of further damage arising from defamatory letter republished in parliament ... more


Qualified Privilege    June 24, 2003

O’Shane v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Final submissions in important comment case. The Sydney Morning Herald also argues that Lange qualified privilege extends to discussion about the conduct of judicial officers ... more


Qualified Privilege    June 24, 2003

Bass v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

60 Minutes has a “derivative” qualified privilege to broadcast a reply to an attack on the subject of an interview. Malice and damages sent back to a jury by Court of Appeal ... more