Publication    November 22, 2015

Brett Smith v Ken Lucht

All in the family … An Ipswich solicitor who was likened to the hapless lawyer featured in the Australian film The Castle has his defamation action dismissed … The plaintiff was unlikely to suffer harm by being called “Dennis Denuto” to two members of his family ... more


Publication    November 18, 2015

Milorad Trkulja v Google Inc

A Melbourne man who reaped substantial damages from Google and Yahoo over defamatory search engine results enjoys another victory … Victorian Supreme Court finds Google is a publisher, even prior to receiving notice ... more


Publication    November 3, 2015

Dr Janice Duffy v Google Inc

South Australian researcher succeeds in defamation case against Google over search results and hyperlinks which implied she was a “psychic stalker” ... Supreme Court Justice Malcolm Blue finds Google took an active role in publishing the material … Rico Jedrzejczyk reports ... more


Publication    May 27, 2015

Rabie Chehade v Tania Mihailuk

Defamation action brought by one-time Bankstown City Council candidate fails at the threshold …. There is no reliable evidence his rival’s wife, Labor MP Tania Mihailuk, said the defamatory words … Case re-opened after a witness for the plaintiff confesses to perjury ... more


Publication    March 23, 2015

Rateb Jneid v Western Australian Newspapers Limited

Newspaper front-page displayed in glass box is a distinct publication with arguable “smoke” and the ordinary reasonable reader is not a lawyer, says WA Supreme Court Justice Ken Martin … Carmel Galati reports ... more


Publication    October 24, 2014

Douglas Sims v James Jooste

Self-represented plaintiff fails to adduce evidence of publication in relation to a stock market discussion website … WA Supreme Court Justice Ken Martin dismisses case at the threshold, but finds the truth defence established … Carmel Galati reports ... more


Publication    December 21, 2009

Jack Idema v ABC & Liz Jackson

US mercenary Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema fails in misguided attempt to sue the ABC and journalist Liz Jackson. New York District Court dismisses his action for copyright infringement and defamation over Media Watch broadcast ... more