Media Matters    July 21, 2011

Media’s own goal as privacy law looms

The scandal engulfing News International, British politics and Scotland Yard also has leeched into the wide brown land … Inquiries abound … Government seizes the opportunity to float a privacy law…Richard Ackland reports … more


Media Matters    June 8, 2011

Publish and be sued?

A very Sydney story: the politician, his son, the judge, the silk, a gay sauna, Compass with Geraldine Doogue and hotel pokie licences … Seven savvy media lawyers point out the pitfalls of publication … more


Media Matters    March 29, 2011

California’s new anti-paparazzi laws

Only in California … Now those who commission photographs of celebrities as well as the paparazzi themselves will be liable for hefty invasion of privacy penalties, thanks to The TerminatorMichael Cameron reports … more


Media Matters    March 24, 2011

UK libel reform – a matter of opinion

The United Kingdom recently released details of its draft libel reform bill and it seems not everyone is enthusiastic … Tom Westbrook canvasses the proposed changes and the reactions to them … more


Media Matters    March 17, 2011

Hicks and the proceeds of crime – can it stick?

Liberal Senator Brandis still carrying on about David Hicks … The shadow AG’s big policy gesture: confiscate the proceeds of Hicks’ book … But is this possible? … Richard Ackland investigates … more


Media Matters    March 15, 2011

Legislation round up

Whatever happened to the protection of journalists’ sources legislation, whistleblower protection laws, the new regime for access to court information and the national roll out of suppression and non-publication orders legislation? Media lawyer Leanne O’Donnell reports … more


Media Matters    December 3, 2010

All a twitter

Everybody’s talking about it…and the normal rules don’t seem to apply. Richard Ackland reviews the wild week that was all about The Australian’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell threatening to sue journalism academic Julie Posetti over a tweet … more


Media Matters    April 22, 2010

A matter of integrity

The Australian and its editor seek an injunction against the finalisation and tabling of a police integrity report into leaks concerning a terror raid … Newspaper and staff criticised … Ethics of newspapers seeking injunctions … Richard Ackland reports … more


Media Matters    December 22, 2009

The new, new journalism

Newer than Tom Wolfe’s New Journalism … The forces that are sending good newspapers towards the ditch are also forging changes to what we once understood to be “journalism” … Where does leave the poor old reptile of the press? … Richard Ackland investigates … more


Media Matters    July 16, 2009

Ethics smethics

News rooms out of control … Proprietors in denial … Media regulators flunking … The Prime Minister wants a debate about media ethics in Australia … Richard Ackland does his bit to kick it off … more