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Media Matters Articles from 2015
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Media Matters    October 16, 2015  
IPSO set up to fail even more dismally than its predecessor

In this Inforrm article, London media lawyer Jonathan Coad attacks the UK’s (relatively) new press regulatory body, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) for failing to be independent and for failing to regulate ... more

Media Matters    August 19, 2015  
Legalling online independents - part two

The perils facing small independent online publishers include the potential threat of crippling legal action … How do the lawyers who legal the stories see their role? Are they more cautious? Alexi Polden sought some answers ... more

Media Matters    August 13, 2015  
New crime reporting guidelines

Journalists from a variety of news organisations turned up for the launch of the NSW Supreme Court’s new guidelines for reporting criminal proceedings, initiated by the Chief Justice … Emily Meller was there ... more

Media Matters    August 6, 2015  
Adventures in media counter-errorism

The new chair of the Australian Press Council, Professor David Weisbrot, flags a fresh approach to its role, saying it is insufficient to focus simply on breaches of standards and serve as a “watchdog” ... Read the full text of his address to the Melbourne Press Club ... more

Media Matters    August 4, 2015  
Legalling online independents - part one

Legal advice can be seen as a costly necessity for any independent publisher entering Australia’s online news space … James Nunez talked to two independent news websites, New Matilda and The Conversation about the advice – invariably pro bono – they receive on media law matters ... more

Media Matters    July 23, 2015  
Are reports of defamation's death greatly exaggerated?

How accurately can the number of defamation actions be measured, given the dearth of accessible data? ... And what effect have the UK’s new defamation and data protection laws had? ... Information and media law researcher Judith Townend investigates ... more

Media Matters    July 13, 2015  
Suppression orders - a journalist's perspective

The Securency case illustrates both the absurdity and the undesirability of suppression orders, according to Fairfax journalist Michael Bachelard ... Here’s what he told the Melbourne Press Club last week ... more

Media Matters    April 30, 2015  
Media to challenge continuing terror trial secrecy

Restrictions on reporting the UK trial of a law student on terrorism charges are being challenged in the Court of Appeal by a group of media organisations … Media Lawyer’s Mike Dodd reports ... more

Media Matters    April 21, 2015  
"Error" in journalist prosecutions

After four more British journalists are acquitted of paying public officials for stories, the former UK Director of Public Prosecutions says their prosecution was a mistake … More weight needs to be given to the public interest ... more

Media Matters    March 23, 2015  
Journalists, sources and metadata

National security prevails as the government’s contentious metadata laws are about to be passed … Journalism and media law academic Dr Joseph Fernandez looks at the threat to journalists, their sources and investigative journalism itself ... more

Media Matters    February 5, 2015  
Media standards: Some challenges and opportunities

The Australian Press Council’s outgoing chair Professor Julian Disney has plenty to say about journalism in the digital age, warning against the intrusive power of social media and its corrosive effect on accuracy … Read the full text of his recent address to the National Press Club ... more

Media Matters    February 3, 2015  
True crime reporting

The ability of journalists to report what alleged perpetrators of crime tell police is under threat in Victoria, thanks to a small but significant change in the Crimes Act ... Journalists have been charged and the law is being tested ... Andrea Petrie reports ... more