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Media Matters Articles from 2014
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Media Matters    December 15, 2014  
Code's protections come into play after damage is done

The UK’s new Code of Practice for acquiring and disclosing communications data has come under attack from media organisations for good reason – it fails to protect journalist’s sources … This analysis from Media Lawyer’s Mike Dodd ... more

Media Matters    September 30, 2014  
Brooks Newmark, public interest and the Editors' Code will IPSO act?

The Conservative MP, the fake Tory PR girl, the X-rated photos and the Sunday Mirror reporter who entrapped him … A test for the press industry’s new regulatory body? ... This article from Inforrm ... more

Media Matters    September 25, 2014  
Guardian News and Media Ltd & Ors v Erol Incedal & Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar

The English Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, decides there are compelling reasons to hold two “terrorist” trials in camera ... Only ten accredited journalists will be permitted access, subject to confidentiality … This report on the judgment by the Press Association’s Cathy Gordon ... more

Media Matters    September 23, 2014  
National Security Legislation Amendment Bill: What can be reported?

The government’s proposed changes to our national security laws have met with strong criticism from the media and the legal fraternity, particularly the section concerning “special intelligence operations” ... Will the Bill chill free speech? James Nunez investigates ... more

Media Matters    August 20, 2014  
Live-tweeting in court

Live-tweeting court proceedings is becoming common practice for journalists, and others … However, not all courts or jurisdictions agree on the rules … Jackson Wherrett investigates ... more

Media Matters    August 5, 2014  
Press Council introduces new standards for journalists

The Press Council has responded to changes in the media landscape by issuing revised standards for journalists … Fact and opinion are now under the same umbrella, but accuracy remains paramount … James Nunez reports ... more

Media Matters    July 6, 2014  
Not the end of the hacking story

With the “one rogue reporter” defence exposed as a lie, Leveson’s recommendations stymied and the Independent Press Standards Organisation a lame substitute, Malcolm Dean looks at what remains of press accountability ... more

Media Matters    June 29, 2014  
Twitter headache for hacking trial lawyers

Twitter proved to be an essential tool in coverage of the long-running phone hacking trial, but it was not without its problems … This report from the (UK) Press Association’s chief reporter Ellen Branagh ... more

Media Matters    April 14, 2014  
The X factor

Journalists in the firing line in Victoria and NSW … Suppression orders, a defamation action and criminal charges take the edge off “fight for the truth” ... more

Media Matters    April 9, 2014  
Reporter gets harassment warning for investigating fraudster

Fallout from News of the World phone hacking scandal … UK Metropolitan Police serve harassment warning on local newspaper reporter who asked questions … This report from the Press Association ... more

Media Matters    March 16, 2014  
Attorney General's veto on Charles' letters unlawful

UK Court of Appeal finds Attorney General had “no good reason” to stop the public from seeing letters written by Prince Charles to government ministers … This report from the Press Association ... more