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Media Matters Articles from 2013
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Media Matters    December 9, 2013  
Open justice in NSW and Victoria

It has been three and half years since the NSW government passed an act that promises to give the media and public easier access to court information … So what has happened, and how does it compare to Victoria? Alix Piatek investigates ... more

Media Matters    November 22, 2013  
UK parliament passes website defence regulations

Regulations governing the operation of the new defence for website operators featuring user-generated content which is set out in section 5 of the Defamation Act 2013 have been approved by both Houses of Parliament ... more

Media Matters    November 12, 2013  
The PCC, the judge and the "gay brothel": another bizarre decision

A recent (UK) Press Complaints Commission ruling has found that a story which referred to a salacious News of the World “sting” 17 years ago did not breach privacy or discrimination clauses in the Editor’s Code … The editorial team at Inforrm beg to differ ... more

Media Matters    November 10, 2013  
Today FM (Sydney) Pty Ltd v Australian Communications and Media Authority

Federal Court rules that the Australian Communications and Media Authority has the power to find radio station 2Day FM breached its licence during a prank call, but its finding that the station committed a criminal offence is not binding ... more

Media Matters    October 17, 2013  
Save the Fourth Estate

The PressBof request for a Royal Charter was rejected by the Privy Council, but it seems that some form of Royal Charter on press regulation will be approved by the end of the month. William Dutton of the Oxford Internet Institute whose work focuses on the emergence of a Fifth Estate, warns that the Royal Charter route could mean the end of the Fourth ... more

Media Matters    October 16, 2013  
Remotely piloted aircraft systems & journalism

In this paper, prepared for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, David Goldberg, Mark Corcoran and Robert G. Picard examine the opportunities and challenges of drones in news gathering ... more

Media Matters    October 7, 2013  
New Zealand Media Regulation: No one-stop media regulator

The New Zealand government has rejected the proposal for an independent, one-stop News Media Standards Authority covering print, broadcast and online publications … Barrister Steven Price argues that the decision is both inadequate and short-sighted ... more

Media Matters    July 11, 2013  
Global Torch Ltd v Apex Global Management Ltd & Ors (Guardian News & Media Ltd and The Financial Times Ltd interested parties)

The open justice principle applies universally and may only be departed from when doing so is strictly necessary in the interests of justice, the UK Court of Appeal has declared ... more

Media Matters    July 4, 2013  
Gender and social media

What role did social media play in the political/gender debate surrounding former Prime Minister Julia Gillard? ... And where does that leave traditional media? Sebastian Dixon investigates the impact of Google, Facebook and Twitter ... more

Media Matters    June 12, 2013  
The value of a free press

Has the post-Leveson discussion about press regulation and press freedom missed the point? In this Inforrm article Oliver O’Callaghan explains why he thinks it needs to be re-directed and re-defined ... more

Media Matters    May 17, 2013  
Who should guard the guardians?

Australia’s attempt at media reform has gone nowhere fast … Media lawyer and author Patrick George looks at what happened, what is at stake and why a Media Ombudsman might be the answer ... more

Media Matters    April 29, 2013  
NZ media reforms

New Zealand has been looking at new proposals for media regulation which address the digital revolution … Unlike Australia and the UK, the NZ Law Commission’s media reform plans have met with minimal resistance … Barrister Steven Price investigates ... more

Media Matters    April 25, 2013  
Leveson: Press proposes its own "Royal Charter"

National newspapers in Britain have proposed their own “Royal Charter” for media self-regulation in response to the one approved last week by parliament … This Inforrm piece looks at their version and Hacked Off’s reaction ... more

Media Matters    April 4, 2013  
Moderating online comments

The internet is alive with user comments, not all of them moderate or moderated … What policies and procedures do media organsations have in place to manage the flow and the tenor of public participation, while protecting themselves from liability? Sebastian Dixon finds out ... more

Media Matters    April 2, 2013  
The great media reform mess

The government’s mishandling of legislation related to press standards has left media reform in a mess … Richard Ackland reflects on what went wrong and why the threatened loss of the media exemption under the Privacy Act was a joke ... more

Media Matters    March 20, 2013  
Social media: Writing the rules as they go

User agreements and policies of social media sites … How Facebook and Twitter control privacy, censor users and judge community standards in the digital age … Paul Karp investigates ... more

Media Matters    March 6, 2013  
Media lawyers under the spotlight

Last year’s Leveson Inquiry subjected some media lawyers as well as the press to intense scrutiny … Not all emerged unscathed … In this article, Peter Bartlett looks at the ethical dilemmas faced by the lawyers who advise media clients ... more

Media Matters    February 11, 2013  
Welcome to Suppression City

Open justice by any other name? Richard Ackland reflects on the plethora of court suppression orders that effectively shut off news reporting of a conspiracy to murder case against Michael Ibrahim … John Ibrahim’s name also ordered to be unmentionable ... more