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Media Matters Articles from 2012
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Media Matters    December 20, 2012  
Leveson Down Under

Lord Justice Leveson recently appeared at two conferences in Australia, but not to discuss his mammoth two-thousand page report on media practices and ethics … Richard Ackland explains why his Sydney talk on privacy and the internet “was like watching Pavlova walking, instead of dancing” ... more

Media Matters    November 27, 2012  
Media plurality and standards: Australia after Finkelstein

Are the Finkelstein Report’s justifications for statutory media regulation based on reasonable grounds? Sydney media barrister Mark Polden examines the arguments and the reality ... more

Media Matters    November 26, 2012  
Twitter and the newsroom

Twitter has become so ubiquitous that modern journalism now can’t do without it … Sebastian Dixon looks at how the newsroom has taken to Twitter and how the role of the journalist is being transformed by it ... more

Media Matters    November 20, 2012  
Media regulation: Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations for media regulation in the UK will be delivered next week … Melbourne media lawyer Peter Bartlett looks at the difficult balancing act he must perform to protect press freedom, while reining in renegade practices ... more

Media Matters    August 31, 2012  
Leveson: An elephant in courtroom 73? Social media, regulation and the law

Can Lord Justice Leveson’s Inquiry have any effect on the regulation of social media? Freelance journalist, researcher and commentator Judith Townend looks at the challenges of the online sphere ... more

Media Matters    June 24, 2012  
The special status of the press in election laws

Politics and the power of the press … The equal right to vote versus the unequal opportunities to communicate … In this Inforrm article, Oxford University academic Jacob Rowbottom looks at what measures might contain a proprietor whose influence is protected by law ... more

Media Matters    May 21, 2012  
Investigative journalism and the criminal law

Will the Leveson Inquiry result in the baby being thrown out with the bathwater? In this Inforrm article, Alex Bailin QC and Edward Craven look at the DPP’s guidelines and the need for a public interest defence ... more

Media Matters    May 2, 2012  
Convergence Review: single platform simplicity or simply more regulation under a different name?

The Australian government’s recently released Convergence Review Final Report proposes 31 reforms … Sydney media lawyers Justine Munsie and Richard Keegan review the recommendations, which are set to transform the way the media is regulated, and consumed ... more

Media Matters    May 1, 2012  
Journalism and the Wonderland of the public interest

What is meant by the term public interest? And does it trump a public figure’s right to privacy? Richard Ackland casts a gimlet eye over the concept and the difference between the media and judicial view ... more

Media Matters    April 25, 2012  
Legal and ethical issues for televising and tweeting court

What are the legal and ethical challenges for reporters live-tweeting court proceedings such as the trial of Anders Breivik? In this Inforrm piece, freelance journalist Judith Townend looks at tweeting, broadcasting and what open justice requires ... more

Media Matters    April 16, 2012  
Journalism and the public interest

Free public interest discussion – Wednesday April 18, Dixon Room, State Library of New South Wales ... more

Media Matters    April 10, 2012  
Journalism already "subject to the most extensive legal inhibitions, guidance and codes" - Lord Hunt

Chair of the UK Press Complaints Commission, Lord Hunt, launches the latest McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists by saying there’s no need for further regulation … This Inforrm report from Judith Townend ... more

Media Matters    March 30, 2012  
ACMA and Sandilands - toothless tiger or the kitten who roared?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found bad-boy broadcaster Kyle Sandilands guilty of offensive comments and imposed licence conditions on 2DayFM … But what’s the real effect? Sydney media lawyer Justine Munsie looks at the investigation, the ruling and the fallout ... more

Media Matters    March 8, 2012  
Finkelstein or Frankenstein Report?

Is the Finkelstein Report as dangerous as the media imagines? Richard Ackland looks at the major recommendations as well as some of the darker arts of journalistic practice not even mentioned in the report ... more

Media Matters    March 5, 2012  
New proposal for UK media regulation - Media Standards Authority

As Lord Justice Leveson delves into the second phase of his inquiry into the media, a new model for media regulation has been floated – the Media Standards Authority. The proposal – drafted by Hugh Tomlinson QC – is summarised here in a piece that first appeared in Inforrm ... more