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Media Matters Articles from 2017
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Media Matters    April 13, 2017  
Letís be reasonable

Forget 18C – Australian defamation law holds a far more dangerous threat for journalists, writes Michael Bachelard ... In this article, he looks at where the law fails the practice of journalism and suggests how it could be improved ... more

Media Matters    April 3, 2017  
Appeal court orders Vice Media to produce source communications to police

Ontario Court of Appeal gives Vice Media short shrift and orders it to produce source communications to the police … A ban on reporting police evidence is also upheld … Paul Schabas, Iris Fischer and Ravi Amarnath review the judgment ... more

Media Matters    March 20, 2017  
Australian Press Council launches Reconciliation Action Plan

Last week in Sydney, the Australian Press Council announced another initiative – a Reconciliation Action Plan aimed at the nation’s Indigenous media … Naaman Zhou was there, along with the council’s first Indigenous publication member, the Koori Mail ... more

Media Matters    March 13, 2017  
Media and public to get "viewing terminals" for live-streamed court proceedings

Open justice to get a boost in the UK as the government prepares to introduce laws to allow journalists and the public access to “virtual” court proceedings via “viewing terminals” ... Media and information law academic Judith Townend examines the proposals ... more

Media Matters    February 2, 2017  
Trump's America: the land of the not-so-free press

In an America where President Trump continues to hold the media in contempt and reporters are arrested and charged, where is the First Amendment? Sussex University journalism academic Ivor Gaber looks at what’s behind the parlous state of politico-press relations – and what’s at stake ... more