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Dossier Articles from 2016
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Dossier    December 20, 2016  
Mediation a go-go

Plenty of action (and inaction) on the mediation front … Fresh settlements for Fairfax Media … New actions for Nationwide News and 2GB … On the steps of the High Court with a “Holocaust philosopher” and three journalists ordered to reveal their sources … Vale three others ... more

Dossier    October 20, 2016  
Courting trouble

Court reporting attracts defamation actions in three jurisdictions – NSW, QLD and WA … Billionaire Chinese businessman sues Fairfax Media over bribery allegations … Rebel Wilson sues Bauer Media over liar allegations … NSW government noise specialist sues Alan Jones over corruption allegations … Channel Seven settles over ratbag (and other) allegations ... more

Dossier    September 23, 2016  
Here come de (former) judge

“Arrogant”, “high-handed”, “insulting”, “derisory” etc etc … Former Federal Court Judge Tony Whitlam lets fly with some adjectival opprobrium in his claim against the ABC over a story involving paedophile priest John Farrell … Plaintiff who was awarded $150,000 over Facebook “paedophile” defamation gets indemnity costs ... more

Dossier    September 9, 2016  
Rebel without a cause

The journalist who was wrongly targeted by Australian comic actress Rebel Wilson in a vitriolic twitter attack is returning fire with a defamation action claiming aggravated damages … Three (unrelated) Wilsons involved in mistaken identity case ... more

Dossier    August 30, 2016  
Oiling troubled waters

Another former Leightons big-wig sues Fairfax over the series exposing (alleged) bribery and corruption … Prison guard takes action over report of her alleged affair with “one-punch” killer … Alleged celebrity property seller takes on A Current Affair ... Racing NSW boss sues over report based on court judgment … Settlements for greyhound trainers, turf club identities and an Olympic gold medallist ... more

Dossier    August 10, 2016  
Sexist storm in a tweet

Two tweets later – defamation, intimidation, injurious falsehood and misleading and deceptive conduct … The ombudsman’s complaint … The public servant’s proceedings … The Muslim parliamentarian’s action … Regional papers in the firing line … The NSW solicitor general on contempt … The high price of suppression orders ... more

Dossier    July 15, 2016  
Godwin's wretched emails

Credit Suisse boss sues Melbourne University Publishing over the Godwin Grech chapter in Paddy Manning’s biography of Malcolm Turnbull … Stunned mullet defamation action against The Daily Telegraph over social media frenzy … C’est ridicule? ... more

Dossier    June 29, 2016  
Settlement fever

Settlements for the ABC, Fairfax Media and The Age… Verdict and judgment for the plaintiff in rabid tweeter case … The endlessly appealing Dr Frederick Toben … A trip to the High Court over sources … Consolidating matters in the NSW Supreme Court … The grand mufti’s front-page action ... more

Dossier    June 1, 2016  
In Liu of...

The next step in Liu ... “Sharkwits” sue over Daily Telegraph cover story … Mr Fluffy fights back … Two Kazal brothers still on Fairfax’s case … Big league action against Ray Hadley … Nauru’s justice minister launches proceedings over Lateline story … Sydney rabbi sues the ABC over child abuse royal commission news report ... more

Dossier    March 23, 2016  
The trouble with Harry

Big name actions and big-name settlements … Business people, barristers, cricketers, ex-journalists and ex-politicians test the defamation waters … A big name internet company appeals … Boutique media law shop news ... more

Dossier    March 17, 2016  
Madafferi loses suppression order battle

Lawyers for The Age and the ABC succeed in having suppression order related to the murder of Melbourne criminal lawyer lifted … Alleged mafia boss Tony Madafferi can be named as the man Victoria Police visited in 2015 ... more

Dossier    February 24, 2016  
A suppression state of mind

The discharge of the jury in the misconduct trial of former NSW minister Eddie Obeid is accompanied by yet another non-publication order … Journalists are being told what to report, right down to their use of adjectives or “risk the application of the full force of the court’s powers to secure a fair trial” ... more