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Dossier Articles from 2011
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Dossier    December 19, 2011  
Seeking higher ground

Who’s off to the High Court … Victoria Police stopped in their tracks by The Age ... The long road to judgment … Former Dean of the Conservatorium of Music claims damage to international reputation … Fresh defamation action against the Fin Review, Nine and Seven ... more

Dossier    November 28, 2011  
ABC drama

The ABC in trouble over its hit miniseries Paper Giants ... Channel Nine wins truth case in Brisbane … Former press photographer Derick Sands loses another appeal … ACMA slaps Alan Jones over “turkey” rant … Trucking tycoon starts heavy action against Fairfax … Ship’s captain claims he wasn’t all at sea ... more

Dossier    November 9, 2011  
Around the nation

Member of Griffith winemaking family loses “Mafia” imputations … Sacked medical research director given time to sue over eighteenth email … Summary judgment for WA childcare workers ... more

Dossier    November 7, 2011  
Settling old scores

Court watchers deprived as a rash of settlements bring 2011 to a dull end … Defamation suits follow injunction for Ray Hadley and 2GB … Correction notice to feature alongside Andrew Bolt’s column … ABC news … Fresh media action against Nine and Seven ... more

Dossier    October 14, 2011  
Gagging orders

2GB radio jock Ray Hadley gagged … Jury finds what The Australian said true … NSW Court of Appeal vacates two hearings … 2GB and Muslim spokesman Keysar Trad off to the High Court … Soccer Mum action in the Illawarra ... more

Dossier    October 13, 2011  
Around the nation

Convicted murderer’s “nonsensical” and “ludicrous” claim struck out as Queensland Court affirms Kermode ... Indigenous leader survives strike out application by Nationwide News … Victorian Court refuses plaintiff’s bid to inspect unredacted Google documents ... more

Dossier    September 2, 2011  
The perils of a pornographer

Pornographer Con Ange given 14 days to produce documents requested two years ago … Telecommunications company NTG settles massive claim on the eve of truth submissions … 2GB and Alan Jones settle with NSW public servant … Special leave granted in two NSW cases ... more

Dossier    August 22, 2011  
Around the nation

Queensland man defamed by Daniel Morcombe posters gets $75,000 damages … Unrepresented litigant gets to file “a competent” defence … ABC loses second bid to strike out NT Aboriginal art dealer’s action … Partial victory for Chinese businesswoman slandered by former associate ... more

Dossier    August 9, 2011  
Queensland capers

Some unusual action in the sunshine state … Convicted murderer sues over TV special … Stolen identity an issue in Yahoo!7 website suit … Judge refuses to dispense with jury … News Ltd outsources its pre-publication work … Fairfax settles, appeals and waits to be paid … Louis Vuitton and NSW police find each other appealing … more

Dossier    June 20, 2011  
The politics of defamation

Action aplenty around the nation … Political suits in Adelaide … Battles of the sexes in Sydney … Race relations in Perth … Bra Boy’s revenge ... more

Dossier    June 7, 2011  
Who's appealing, and not ...

Appeals, intentions to appeal, leaves to appeal, special leave … Rabbitohs foes to the High Court … NSW Court of Appeal on a dismissal roll … Unsettling explanation in Craig Thompson case … $142 million claim against Fairfax adjourned … Same old Nu-Tec … Former policeman Clive Small in the firing line again ... more

Dossier    May 3, 2011  
The defo that won't die

More defamation action over Underbelly the book … Two new actions against The Sydney Morning Herald ... Two appeals from NSW District Court judgments and one correction sought … WA businessman Norm Carey gets another chance to sue the ABC in NSW ... more

Dossier    April 13, 2011  
High jinx

After 16 torturous years in the courts, the High Court of Australia finally puts an end to Jeremy Griffith’s odyssey of vindication … The court considers another common law qualified privilege case – this one involving damages of $10,000 for slander ... more

Dossier    April 11, 2011  
UK news: Joint Committee on Defamation Bill established

A Joint Committee has been established in the wake of the UK’s recently released Draft Defamation Bill. This article from the media law blog Inforrm summarises the key issues for examination ... more

Dossier    March 9, 2011  
ABC gathers Moss

War of the worlds. ABC targeted by “self-confessed criminal” ... Fairfax in defamation firing line over investigative reports and political commentary .. Celebrity copper Clive Small’s victory over Tim Priest … Unsettling settlements ... more

Dossier    March 2, 2011  
Grubby defos

Grubby defamation action continues … The high cost of winning … NSW’s Chief Judge at Common Law ponders the plaintiff’s position … Justice Carolyn Simpson does the math ... more

Dossier    February 15, 2011  
In Liu of knowing

Helen Liu launches proceedings against “John Doe” & Friends … Robbie Waterhouse hedges his bets in two new actions … Underbelly writers settle with “Constable Wendy” ... Former Clayton Utz solicitor sues 216 partners … Humanist Society member sues Society over racist allegations … Derick Sands refused special leave … Keddies settles with “unfriendly” and “immoral” interpreters … NRL Cougar sharpens her claws again … Action against 2GB over caller comments … Australia’s richest medical entrepreneur sues Fairfax … Head of Prime Carbon sues The Canberra Times ... more