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Costs Articles from 2017
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Costs    October 9, 2017  
Damian Sheales v The Age Company Pty Ltd & Ors

Melbourne criminal barrister who won defamation action against The Age refused costs on an indemnity basis … He failed to disclose two documents critical to a resolution of the dispute … Victorian Supreme Court Justice John Dixon finds they were withheld for “forensic advantage” ... more

Costs    July 17, 2017  
Seven Network (Operations) Limited & Anor v Amber Harrison

NSW Supreme Justice John Sackar comes down hard on Amber Harrison over proceedings “engulfed in a vitriolic atmosphere”... The former lover of Seven boss Tim Worner is found to have breached her deed of release in multiple ways and is ordered to pay Seven’s costs on an indemnity basis ... more

Costs    July 6, 2017  
Uber BV & Anor v Russell Howarth (No 2)

A self-styled anti-Uber “vigilante” who was permanently restrained from making defamatory tweets and engaging in the tort of intimidation ordered to pay gross sum of $390,000 … The defendant, an undischarged bankrupt, makes no appearance ... more