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Perversity Articles from 2007
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Perversity    October 17, 2007  
Paul Gibson v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

The NSW Court of Appeal follows Justice Ruth McColl’s “formulation” in relation to unreasonable jury verdicts and dismisses Labor MP Paul Gibson’s appeal. It’s up to the jury, except when appeal judges think otherwise ... more

Perversity    September 3, 2007  
Paul Gibson v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Paul Gibson, the Labor member for Blacktown, appeals a section 7A jury verdict which tossed out every imputation he pleaded over a series of Daily Telegraph articles, including one that he is “a rorter” ... more

Perversity    June 14, 2007  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Gacic

Fairfax’s restuarant review appeal fails as the High Court affirms the NSW Court of Appeal’s power to substitute its own verdict for that of the jury’s ... more

Perversity    April 18, 2007  
Mamdouh Habib v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

The NSW Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib over a jury verdict. It found Habib’s clinical depression was “largely irrelevant” to the issue to be determined ... more

Perversity    February 9, 2007  
Rachel Gardener v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

NSW Court of Appeal finds yet another jury “perverse or irrational”. A re-trial is ordered in the case of Rachel Gardener, a convicted bank robber and schoolteacher who sued The Daily Telgraph ... more