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Perversity Articles from 2004
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Perversity    December 7, 2004  
Gorman v Barber

Perversity appeal upheld for the first time since the High Court’s decision in Rivkin. NSW Court of Appeal does not send the imputation back for a new jury trial but directs judgment fo the plaintiff ... more

Perversity    November 30, 2004  
Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Reading

Court of Appeal restores jury verdict in favour of ABC. Justice Shaw erred in discharging jury and ordering a new s.7A trial in relation to Four Corners’ program. Jury has to undertake an “impressionistic exercise” and Justice McColl says in considering perversity there should be appellate restraint, as jurors are the arbiters of community standards ... more

Perversity    July 6, 2004  
Sonda v Signorelli

Judge J.C. Gibson adopted a one dimensional approach to the matter complained of, substituted her own view for that reasonably open to the jury and applied the wrong test to the facts. NSW Court of Appeal restores “perverse” jury verdict ... more

Perversity    May 28, 2004  
Pavy v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Review by NSW Court of Appeal of all reasons given by judges who have discharged s.7A juries. Decision reserved in Pavy “try on” appeal ... more

Perversity    May 25, 2004  
Maitland & CFMEU v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Perversity appeal turned down. Open for a jury to reject union’s interpretation of Piers Akerman’s Daily Telegraph column ... more

Perversity    April 5, 2004  
Beran v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

In the first perversity appeal since the High Court decision in Rivkin, Justice Ruth McColl goes through Dr Roy Beran’s imputations one by one and finds that it was reasonably open to the jury to reject his case against The Sydney Morning Herald ... more