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Injunctions Articles from 2016
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Injunctions    October 3, 2016  
Richard Furnari v Claudia Ziegert & Anor

Injunction refused over a YouTube clip that allegedly involved an “illegal recording” of abusive phone calls … The recording was not an interception … Mediation ordered … Naaman Zhou reports ... more

Injunctions    September 26, 2016  
Dr Munjed Al Muderis v Rodney Duncan & Ors

NSW Supreme Court grants interim injunctive relief over the publication of a website attacking an orthopaedic surgeon … The defendants are ordered to suspend a domain name almost identical to his professional website address ... more

Injunctions    September 22, 2016  
Geoffrey Murphy v Michael Barfield

Dispute over monies owed by a Rockhampton building company ends in defamation action and an application for an interlocutory injunction … The QLD District Court refuses to restrain a man whose truck displays defamatory signs in the interests of free speech ... more

Injunctions    August 12, 2016  
QBH Commercial Pty Ltd & Anor v Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd

Victorian Supreme Court Justice John Dixon refuses to injunct an A Current Affair program which alleged a plumbing company was overcharging by hundreds of thousands of dollars … Defamation damages are an adequate remedy ... more

Injunctions    July 14, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

A young documentary filmmaker has won her NSW Supreme Court battle to discharge an injunction granted over eight minutes of footage featuring former PNG opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu … There are “real concerns abut the plaintiff’s credibility” ... more

Injunctions    June 17, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

A documentary filmmaker’s moral obligations to her subject become the focus of intense questioning by Dame Carol Kidu’s barrister … The legal issue of consent remains central to the grant of a permanent injunction against the feature documentary The Opposition ... more

Injunctions    June 16, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

High drama marks an interesting legal contest in the NSW Supreme Court … At stake, the competing claims of a willing participant in a documentary, former PNG opposition leader Dame Carol Kidu, who says she was misled, and those of the documentary makers ... more

Injunctions    April 27, 2016  
Peter Hegarty & Ready Flowers Pty Ltd v Gordon Craven

QLD District Court Judge Brendan Butler orders a self-represented defendant to refrain from publishing allegations of “rip-off conduct” on a website … His defences in defamation have “limited prospects” of success ... more

Injunctions    April 22, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

Former PNG opposition leader gets a temporary injunction – at a price … Dame Carol Kidu must provide $250,000 in security to stop a documentary featuring her role in the Paga Hill development dispute from screening in its current form ... more

Injunctions    April 14, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

Hard-fought NSW Supreme Court battle to restrain distribution of a documentary featuring PNG’s Dame Carol Kidu hears that defamation is the “white elephant in the room” ... Seb Tonkin reports ... more

Injunctions    March 7, 2016  
Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited & Anor v Phoebe Stuart-Carberry

Domino’s Pizza succeeds in temporarily restraining the broadcast of a documentary about a commercial dispute … A second hearing sees the order discharged by consent and costs awarded against the documentary maker over “highly aggressive” communications ... more

Injunctions    February 25, 2016  

Eminent Sydney oncologist fails to injunct follow-up 7.30 Report story alleging he gave patients inadequate doses of cancer treatments … Meanwhile a Greek Orthodox priest succeeds in compelling Google Australia to remove a “grossly defamatory” blog…briefly ... more