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Privacy Articles from 2016
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Privacy    December 7, 2016  
"JZ" and Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Australian Information Commissioner finds insufficient public interest in an FOI request for cabinet documents containing details of a former federal MP’s inappropriate behaviour towards a female public servant in a Hong Kong bar … Justin Pen reports ... more

Privacy    October 4, 2016  
Privacy injunction granted following iCloud hack

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister is granted a continuing privacy injunction in respect of all her material stored on iCloud, after it was hacked … The UK High Court warns of criminal prosecution ... more

Privacy    July 26, 2016  
False light: a new frontier for privacy law in Australia?

With the settlement of Gina Rinehart’s action over the mini-series House of Hancock, Australia has missed the opportunity to test a novel form of privacy claim – “false light” ... Hannah Ryan reports ... more

Privacy    March 11, 2016  
Sex on the net and the birth of a privacy law

The internet has created new opportunities for invasions of privacy, but does that necessarily mean we need a new set of laws? Sydney media lawyer Tim Senior thinks we have sufficient remedies in existing laws ... more

Privacy    March 9, 2016  
Remedies for the serious invasion of privacy in NSW

Do we really need another report recommending a privacy law? Sydney media lawyer Sally McCausland reviews the latest proposals from a NSW parliamentary committee and finds that some important questions remain unanswered ... more