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Privacy Articles from 2011
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Privacy    October 19, 2011  
A statutory cause of action for privacy - Issues Paper

The Australian government’s recently released Issues Paper on a proposed law of privacy poses some real hurdles for the practice of journalism – among them the notion of “reasonableness”, the definition of public interest, the “seriousness” of the invasion and the question of remedies ... more

Privacy    October 18, 2011  
Victoria Saad v Chubb Security Australia and Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd

NSW may just get its first breach if privacy trial if Justice Peter Hall allows an action brought by a former Commonwealth Bank employee over the misuse of CCTV footage to go ahead ... more

Privacy    September 1, 2011  
Do we need a right to privacy?
... more
Privacy    July 6, 2011  
Iris Robinson v Sunday Newspapers

Should hearings in some privacy cases be held in private? And how much consideration should be given to new forms of publication such as Twitter? In this article, which first appeared on Inforrm, leading London media lawyer Mark Thomson reviews a pertinent Northern Ireland Court of Appeal case ... more

Privacy    June 15, 2011  
Hiding behind anonymity

Is the internet as anonymous as it seems? And just how willing are internet companies to disclose identity information? London media lawyer Lucy Middleton looks at the reality in this article, which first appeared on Inforrm ... more

Privacy    May 11, 2011  
Max Mosley v United Kingdom

Max Mosley finally had his day in the European Court of Human Rights and lost, but is the decision not to give warning of threatened invasions helpful to critics of privacy law? In this article, which first appeared on the media law blog Inforrm, Hugh Tomlinson QC analyses the judgment ... more

Privacy    May 2, 2011  
Privacy law: the super-injunction is dead

Are reports of the death of the super-injunction exaggerated? This article, which first appeared on the media law blog Inforrm, reviews the figures and finds no super-injunctions at all in 2011 ... more

Privacy    March 1, 2011  
PCC Ruling: Twitter, Journalism and Privacy

The UK’s Press Complaints Commission recently – and for the first time – considered a complaint about the republication of tweets by the mainstream press. Is a post to 700 followers private? This review of the PCC’s decision was originally published on Inforrm, the International Forum for Responsible Media Blog ... more

Privacy    February 16, 2011  
"Outing" minister in the public interest - ACMA

The Australian Communications and Media Authority makes an extraordinary finding. Showing former NSW Minister David Campbell leaving a gay sauna was in the public interest – because he resigned over it ... more