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Suppression Articles from 2004
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Suppression    November 5, 2004  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v District Court of NSW

Jurors should not be regarded as exceptionally fragile and prone to prejudice. Court of Appeal takes a firm hand with trial judges who coddle juries. A resounding win for open justice ... more

Suppression    August 25, 2004  
Nine Network Pty Ltd v Alasdair McGregor

Magistrate’s suppression of the DPP’s opening address in the Bradley John Murdoch committal was valid. However, the suppression of photos of Murdoch was made without jurisdiction ... more

Suppression    August 23, 2004  
Registrar of the Supreme Court of South Australia v Nationwide News Pty Ltd, The Age Co Ltd and The Herald & Weekly Times Ltd

Newspapers improve procedures to guard against breaching suppression orders, yet the courts have an uneven, and often outmoded, system of notifing these orders ... more

Suppression    August 4, 2004  
DPP v Carl Williams & Ors

Media commentary about Carl Williams and his family not likely to prejudice their imminent trials. Justice Cummins extols the robustness of the jury ... more

Suppression    May 26, 2004  
Herald and Weekly Times & Ors v Magistrates' Court of Victoria and Ors

Magistrate applied the wrong test in suppressing the name of a murdered police informer. Justice Whelan in the Victorian Supreme Court quashes suppression order ... more

Suppression    May 25, 2004  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v District Court of NSW

Fairfax challenges power of District Court to suppress publication of a guilty verdict where a second trial of the same accused is pending ... more