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Imputations Articles from 2006
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Imputations    December 13, 2006  
Robin Bass v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Acting Justice Hunt interrogates the meaning of the word “shonky” before dismissing shonky building subcontractor, Robin Bass’ second appeal. The marathon case against Nine commenced 16 years ago ... more

Imputations    December 8, 2006  
Bingle v Emap Australia Pty Ltd

Federal Court decides that Sutherland Shire “celebrity” and sometime ice skater, Laura Bingle, can proceed with her defamation action against Zoo Weekly. An imputation that she agreed to “pose topless” for a “smutty” men’s magazine was clearly defamatory, said Justice Edmonds ... more

Imputations    June 30, 2006  
Gacic v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Coco Roco restaurateurs win appeal over lacerating review by Sydney Morning Herald food critic Matthew Evans. Justice Beazley says the jury’s verdict was unreasonable and the trial judge’s directions were inadequate ... more

Imputations    March 10, 2006  
Ramrakha v Chaudhry

NSW Court of Appeal upholds jury verdict in former Fijian politicians’ defamation stoush. There is a distinction between breach of confidence, disloyalty and “gross disloyalty” ... more

Imputations    January 20, 2006  
Channel Seven Adelaide Pty Ltd v "S"

The ex-boyfriend of Liberal pollie Trish Draper has had a preliminary victory in defamation proceedings against Channel Seven and the ABC. There’s more to being a “murder suspect” than meets the eye ... more