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Imputations Articles from 2005
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Imputations    October 7, 2005  
Favell v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

Brisbane barrister has his day in the High Court and gets three imputations out of the 40 he originally pleaded sent for rehearing. Justice Kirby says judges should not hide behind the ordinary reasonable reader. The fiction should be dropped ... more

Imputations    August 25, 2005  
Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Hodgkinson

Elaborate discussion in the NSW Court of Appeal over whether a contextual imporation using the phrahse “fit and proper” could be pleaded. Defamation action against the ABC over allegations of misconduct against a university researcher made by radio presenter Norman Swan ... more

Imputations    August 19, 2005  
Jerry Bennette v Ian Cohen

Byron Bay property developer says defamation jury was perverse. It found that he did “illegal work which severely damaged the environment”, but that this was not defamatory. Court of Appeal reserved ... more

Imputations    August 16, 2005  
Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Richard Sleeman

The Australian wants the NSW Court of Appeal to consider “afresh” all the factual issues in the Sleeman case. Last October Justice Levine awarded damages of $400,000 to freelance sports writer Richard Sleeman. The newspaper failed to defend Amanda Meade’s snippet in its Media section … more

Imputations    April 19, 2005  
Gardiner v Horton Park Golf Club Maroochydore Inc and Hourigan

Solicitor plaintiff’s numerous imputations of extortion, bribery, unfitness and greed found not to arise from golf club newsletter and local newspaper ... more

Imputations    April 18, 2005  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Obeid

“Presumption of innocence” has a limited meaning in cases where imputations give rise to accusations of criminality. It cannot be presumed that the ordinary, reasonable reader is mindful of the presumption. The Sydney Morning Herald unsuccessful in appeal against discharge of section 7A jury in Eddie Obeid “bribery” case ... more