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Publication Articles from 2017
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Publication    November 3, 2017  
Lei Vaa v Tony Barakat

Woman caught stealing on shop CCTV fails to prove publication of a poster featuring her photo and the caption “THIEF” ... She also fails to prove a conversation with the defendant was published to a third person …The credit of both parties found wanting by NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson ... more

Publication    August 22, 2017  
Brian Taylor v Sheena Hewitt

The problems of self-representation are painfully apparent in defamation proceedings brought over a post on a company’s Facebook page … Proceedings are dismissed for lack of evidence – of any kind ... more

Publication    April 10, 2017  
UK woman wins permission to appeal Facebook libel

A woman who defamed her former husband on Facebook and was ordered to pay damages of £5000 is granted leave to appeal … At issue is the responsibility for publication of statements on social media … This report from Media Lawyer’s Mike Dodd ... more