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Publication Articles from 2003
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Publication    June 17, 2003  
Harrods Ltd v Dow Jones & Co Inc

All things considered the High Court thinks it is fair to hear Harrods’ defamation case against The Wall Street Journal in England. Small readership of print and on-line story in response to Al Fayed April Fool stunt ... more

Publication    May 13, 2003  
Harris v 718932 Pty Ltd & Ors

New life is breathed into Arthur Harris’ second round in The Gambling Man litigation. Court of Appeal allows action to proceed against Robbie and Bill Waterhouse ... more

Publication    May 9, 2003  
Griffith v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Justice Levine decides that the issue of republication is for the judge, not the jury ... more

Publication    February 12, 2003  
Young v New Haven Advocate

US appeal court spurns the Dow Jones v Gutnick approach in squabble over jurisdiction for internet defamation ... more

Publication    February 12, 2003  
Macquarie Bank Ltd v Berg

Summary proceedings not the place to grapple with question of juridiction for defamation proceedings arising from internet publication ... more