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Privilege Articles from 2010
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Privilege    November 10, 2010  
Wilkie's Journalists' Privilege Bill - Overview

The independent federal member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, recently introduced his private members’ Bill for the protection of journalists and their sources. Here’s a summary of the key features ... more

Privilege    October 25, 2010  
Antoine Bechara v Paul Bonaccorso

Strathfield property developer Antoine Bechara loses his defamation action against business rival Paul Bonaccorso. NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson finds reporting suspicions to police “a clear case of qualified privilege at common law” ... more

Privilege    October 20, 2010  
Jeremy Griffith v Australian Broadcasting Corporation & David Millikan

After 15 years in the courts, author and self-proclaimed prophet Jeremy Griffith loses his appeal – but only just. The NSW Court of Appeal upholds comment and statutory qualified privilege for the ABC, but finds it untrue that Griffith “publishes work of such a poor standard that it has no support at all from the scientific community” ... more

Privilege    August 4, 2010  
Paul Aktas v Westpac Banking Corporation Limited

Qualified privilege gets a top thrashing … High Court finds that wrongly bounced cheques issued by Westpac defamed a Sydney real estate agent because they were not published on an occasion of qualified privilege ... more

Privilege    May 11, 2010  
Jeremy Griffith v Australian Broadcasting Corporation & David Millikan

Last days of the Prophet of Oz? After 15 years on the defamation roundabout, self-proclaimed prophet Jeremy Griffith has his day in the NSW Court of Appeal. All does not go smoothly ... more