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Privilege Articles from 2006
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Privilege    October 19, 2006  
Wall Street Journal Europe Sprl v Jameel and others

House of Lords gives Reynolds qualified privilege a radical overhaul. The law should encourage responsible journalism and the standards required should be applied by judges in a practical and flexible manner ... more

Privilege    August 31, 2006  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Zunter

Fairfax appeal over $100,000 awarded to a man who carried out an illegal backburn during a bushfire goes up in flames. Justice Simpson was right to reject the defences of qualified privilege and contextual truth ... more

Privilege    August 24, 2006  
Edward Obeid v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Sydney Morning Herald journalists Anne Davies and Kate McClymont plus solicitor Richard Coleman maintain they acted fairly and reasonably in publishing an article that accused former NSW minister Eddie Obeid of corruption. Sources talk of fishing jaunts, Chinese banquets and boozy trips to Europe. The trial continues. ... more

Privilege    August 11, 2006  
Echo Publications Pty Ltd and Fast Buck$ v Ross Tucker

Qualified privilege – common law and s.22 – got a thorough airing in the Echo newspaper’s appeal against a decision in favour of rival Byron Bay publisher Ross Tucker. Will Mason, Hodgson and McColl buy it? ... more