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Damages Articles from 2017
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Damages    November 16, 2017  
Mar Meelis Zaia v Sargon Eshow

Self-represented defendant ordered to pay substantial damages over a series of defamatory Facebook posts attacking the archbishop of his church … NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum also orders a permanent injunction ... more

Damages    November 14, 2017  
Bryan Stokes v Stephen Ragless

South Australian clay target shooter falsely accused of being a gangster and drug runner (among other things) gets damages of $90,000 for 41 online defamatory publications and 15 emails by “keyboard warrior” keen “to exact revenge” ... The court also grants a permanent injunction ... more

Damages    October 21, 2017  
John Lesses v Theo Maras (No 2)

Internecine defamation warfare in Adelaide’s Greek Orthodox community ends with damages reduced on appeal by $50,000 … SA Full Court rejects both parties’ extreme submissions on quantum ... more

Damages    October 4, 2017  
Bhupinder Takhar v Harminder Kaur Sroa.

Prominent member of Adelaide’s Sikh community awarded $10,000 over a defamatory article posted on a temple notice board … Publication was for a short time and likely to be read by a “very, very limited” number of people ... more

Damages    September 18, 2017  
Sum Chow & Colin Chau v Chi Keong Un

Two Chinese plaintiffs have been awarded total damages of $160,000 over a “vituperative” and malicious leaflet indiscriminately handed out in Chinatown which accused them of criminal conduct … The defendant “knew he had no evidence” ... more

Damages    September 13, 2017  
Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media Pty Ltd

Highest defamation damages in Australian history … Comedic actor Rebel Wilson awarded in excess of $4.5 million over publications that called her a “serial liar” ... In a scathing attack, Victorian Supreme Court Justice John Dixon finds aggravation and “recklessness” on the part of Bauer Media and largely accepts Wilson’s case on special damages ... more

Damages    September 6, 2017  
Bruce Gregory v Samantha Johnson

Former wife who maliciously accused her ex-husband of being a paedophile after he pleaded guilty to “observing” his stepdaughter in the shower, is ordered to pay him damages of $170,000 … The defendant files no defence and exits the damages hearing ... more

Damages    July 28, 2017  
Lili Chel v Fairfax Media & Vanda Carson (No 7)

Seven years after a Sun Herald story, a former Kings Cross nightclub owner gets $100,000 damages … It was a “baseless” allegation and a “serious” defamation to say she didn’t prevent drink spiking and allowed “on stage sex” at The Rouge, says NSW Supreme Court Justice Robert Beech-Jones ... more

Damages    July 15, 2017  
Gabriella Piscioneri v Toni Whitaker

Judgment entered for a solicitor plaintiff results in modest damages of $7500 over two comments posted on an opinion website which were read by (possibly) two people … Damages are mitigated by a previous award for the same website ... more

Damages    June 30, 2017  
Damian Sheales v The Age & Ors

Criminal and sports barrister gets $175,000 damages over defamatory article in The Age and online … The articles were “completely unfair” and aggravated damages apply because of the journalist’s “unwarranted personal attack” ... more

Damages    June 12, 2017  
Dr Munjed Al Muderis v Rodney Duncan & Anor

Pioneering Sydney orthopaedic surgeon garners $480,000 damages from two defendants over “a most vicious and vituperative series of publications” ... NSW Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman also proposes a permanent injunction and orders costs on an indemnity basis ... more

Damages    May 9, 2017  
Katie Milne v Bob Ell

“Tit-for-tat” defamation action brought by Greens councillor against property developer results in damages of $45,000 after comment defence fails … NSW Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman describes it as a “direct and fundamental attack on the suitability of the plaintiff for public office” ... more