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Damages Articles from 2016
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Damages    November 25, 2016  
Heather Reid v Stan Dukic

ACT Supreme Court Justice John Burns awards $180,000 damages for a series of “irrational or ranting” Facebook posts which defamed a Canberra football executive … The defendant fails to appear at every turn ... more

Damages    November 17, 2016  
Malcolm Weatherup v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Retired Townsville journalist awarded $100,000 damages over allegations he was “habitually intoxicated” and lost his job as a result … QLD Supreme Court Justice David North awards aggravated damages because The Australian persisted in an “unjustifiable” defence ... more

Damages    October 13, 2016  
Oliver Douglas v Terence McLernon & Ors

WA Supreme Court awards record damages of $700,000 to three Perth businessmen over “brazen” internet defamation by a self-represented defendant … Justice Ken Martin issues a warning to bloggers over the applicability of defamation law ... Jonelle Di Lena reports ... more

Damages    August 16, 2016  
Robert Grattan v Diane Porter

Another nasty, unsupported allegation of paedophilia results in damages of $170,000 payable by the woman who made it against a former friend … QLD District Court Judge John Robertson finds the defendant acted maliciously ... more

Damages    August 10, 2016  
Sean Carolan v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd & Peter FitzSimons

Fairfax Media ordered to pay damages of $300,000 for falsely claiming a personal trainer injected football players with a banned substance, blood-tested Roosters players without their consent, was involved with organised crime and deserved to be fired … Justice Lucy McCallum finds the defamation “serious” ... more

Damages    August 8, 2016  
Kenneth Rothe v David Scott

Facebook post results in substantial damages of $150,000 for “paedophile” smear … “The defendant published allegations of this seriousness without any prior inquiry or proper evidence, for purposes of inciting a lynch mob mentality” says NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson ... more

Damages    June 20, 2016  
June Kelly v David Levick

A woman who was described as a “thieving, lying, money crazed bitch” on Facebook by her ex-husband has been awarded damages of $10,000 … “Inadvertent” publication is not a defence ... more

Damages    May 23, 2016  
Raelene Hardie v The Herald and Weekly Times Pty Ltd & Andrew Rule

Victorian Court of Appeal overturns decision in respect of imputations found to have been conveyed by journalist Andrew Rule and The Herald Sun and increases damages to a strip club owner by $160,000 … Hannah Ryan reports ... more

Damages    May 9, 2016  
Colin Dods v Michael McDonald

Queensland barrister who accused a Victorian police officer of committing manslaughter by “gunning down” and “executing” a 15 year old boy is ordered to pay $150,000 damages … The judge finds it “difficult to overstate the gravity of these defamations” ... more

Damages    April 26, 2016  
Theo Maras v John Lesses

A defamation battle between two prominent members of SA’s Greek Orthodox community (and one-time friends) ends in damages of $75,000 … The defamatory material was untruthful, not honestly held opinion and published maliciously ... more

Damages    March 18, 2016  
Stephen Dank v Nationwide News & Ors

NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum goes out on a limb and awards controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank zero damages after determining the “true sting” of two imputations that were “factually incorrect” ... more

Damages    February 8, 2016  
Hamza Cheikho v Nationwide News (No 4)

Young Muslim man who took part in the 2012 Hyde Park protests awarded substantial damages by NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum for one defamatory imputation … The Daily Telegraph’s qualified privilege defence fails ... more

Damages    January 19, 2016  
Dr Janice Duffy v Google Inc (No 2)

Google Inc ordered to pay a South Australian researcher damages of $100,000 over defamatory search results and hyperlinks implying she was a “psychic stalker” ... Plaintiff fails on special and aggravated damages case ... more