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Damages Articles from 2015
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Damages    December 8, 2015  
Brendan French v Michael Fraser (No 3)

Self-styled consumer advocate “The Arbitrator” ordered to pay Commonwealth Bank customer relations supremo $300,000 damages over a scurrilous campaign of internet defamation, part of “a senseless vendetta founded in madness” ... more

Damages    October 21, 2015  
Travers Beynon v Michelle Manthey

Plaintiff’s own Instagram publications affect award of damages … QLD District Court judge awards $25,000 over former nanny’s tell-all A Current Affair interview about “debaucherous” parties in which the plaintiff’s wife was “naked and covered in sushi” ... more

Damages    October 21, 2015  
Tony Zoef v Nationwide News Pty Ltd & Clementine Cuneo

Unusual offer of amends victory as NSW District Court Judge Len Levy finds for Nationwide News in a case of mistaken identity … An 83-year-old suburban tailor described as a gunrunner and arms smuggler should have accepted $20,000 ... more

Damages    July 29, 2015  
Raelene Hardie v The Herald & Weekly Times Pty Ltd & Andrew Rule

Woman who runs a Shepparton strip club awarded $90,000 damages over The Herald Sun’s claim it was a meeting place for bikies and corrupt police … News story and colour piece both fail the reasonableness test … Two “brothel” imputations were not conveyed ... more

Damages    July 13, 2015  
Jacqueline Zwambila v Panganai Reason Wafawarova

Former Zimbabwean ambassador to Australia awarded damages of $180,000 over a story which claimed she stripped in front of three male embassy officials … Freelance journalist ordered to pay indemnity costs as well ... more

Damages    June 30, 2015  
The Honourable Joseph Benedict Hockey v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd, The Age Company Pty Ltd & The Federal Capital Press of Australia Pty Ltd

Federal treasurer Joe Hockey wins damages of $200,000 from Fairfax for a malicious Sydney Morning Herald poster and two Age tweets alleging he is corrupt … Federal Court Justice Richard White dismisses the rest of his claim over a suite of articles investigating political donations ... more

Damages    June 19, 2015  
Dr Bruce Flegg v Graeme Hallett

Massive damages for former Queensland housing minister who was maliciously defamed by a media adviser he fired … Special damages exceed $500,000 … Both qualified privilege defences – Lange common law and section 30 – fail ... more

Damages    June 3, 2015  
Daryl Bertwistle v Nancy Conquest

A woman who sent text messages accusing a man of paedophilia with his sisters is ordered to pay damages of $100,000 … QLD District Court Judge Nick Samios also grants a permanent injunction ... more

Damages    June 1, 2015  
Gabriella Piscioneri v Anthony Brisciani

Queanbeyan lawyer who sued online discussion forum ZGeek over a series of posts is awarded damages of $82,000 over defamatory comments related to the notorious Bilal Skaf gang rape trial in 2005 … All defences fail ... more

Damages    April 19, 2015  
Jarrod Sierocki & Anor v Paul Klerck & Ors

Queensland Supreme Court awards record amount of damages to a man who was repeatedly defamed on various websites by his former business partner and others, including a disaffected former client ... more

Damages    January 29, 2015  
Philip Gluyas v Oliver Canby

Victorian Supreme Court judge awards Victorian man with Asperger’s $50,000 damages over serious defamation by US “anti-autism” blogger who offered to pay someone to kill him … A second defamation win for the autism advocate ... more

Damages    January 27, 2015  
Caroline Wilson v Neil Ferguson

Social media and privacy in the spotlight again … WA Supreme Court awards a female mine worker $48,400 damages over sexually explicit photographs and videos posted on Facebook by her jilted lover ... more

Damages    January 26, 2015  
Miroslaw Dabrowski v Robyn Greeuw

Perth woman who defamed her estranged husband on Facebook ordered to pay $12,500 in damages over a single post alleging domestic violence … Another self-represented litigant fails in court ... more