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Damages Articles from 2012
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Damages    December 12, 2012  
Douglas Trenham v Platinum Traders & Darryl Loane

Toowoomba real estate agent awarded $100,000 over a malicious letter sent to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and others … District Court judge rejects both common law and statutory qualified privilege defences and finds malice ... more

Damages    December 11, 2012  
Aleksandra & Ljiljana Gacic & Branislav Ciric v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd & Matthew Evans

Last of the at-large damages claims under the old Defamation Act gets a second hearing in the NSW Supreme Court … Gacics emote wildly … Fairfax seeks to exclude the restaurant actually reviewed by Matthew Evans from consideration ... more

Damages    December 10, 2012  
Rafiq Ahmed v Nationwide News Pty Ltd and News Digital Media Pty Ltd & Yoni Bashan

The “antithesis of proper journalistic conduct” ... District Court Judge Michael Bozic awards fraud squad detective Rafiq Ahmed $325,000 in damages for a malicious Sunday Telegraph story which accused him of being “one of the most corrupt cops in NSW” ... more

Damages    November 19, 2012  
Mise Petrov v Most Do & Peco Ivanovski

NSW Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Simpson orders publisher of Macedonian newspaper and his source to pay damages of $350,000 for defaming an invalid pensioner … The defendants failed to turn up to court … more

Damages    November 12, 2012  
Milorad Trkulja v Google Inc LLC & Google Australia Pty Ltd

Melbourne man awarded $200,000 over defamatory website accessed via Google … Michael Trkulja’s second victory against a search engine … Partial success for innocent dissemination defence ... more

Damages    September 12, 2012  
Ann Akras v Rene Mora

Victorian County Court judge awards damages of $85,000 to tax agent over a malicious letter sent to the Tax Practitioners Board by her former employer ... more

Damages    August 1, 2012  
Philip Clarke v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd

“Raw prawn” allegations net wrongly accused Coles customer $50,000 in damages. NSW District Court Judge Len Levy finds artist was subjected to “embarrassing and humiliating accusations” ... more

Damages    July 16, 2012  
Andrew Holt v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd, Nine Network & Ben Fordham

Successful plaintiff who admitted he was “morally despicable” gets dismal damages of $4500 … NSW Supreme Court Justice Christine Adamson finds “weighty evidence” in mitigation ... more

Damages    June 5, 2012  
Trevor Prendergast v Shane Roberts

Toowoomba shed builder gets damages of $50,000 for three conversations a jury found to be defamatory … The damaging allegations were published to three people on separate occasions ... more

Damages    June 4, 2012  
Amilton Nicolas Bento v The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police

In the UK, a man convicted of murder and then acquitted has won damages of £125,000 in a libel action against the police over a press release … Justification and qualified privilege fail … This report from the media law blog Inforrm ... more

Damages    April 18, 2012  
Andrew Gunston v Davies Brothers Ltd & Ors

Former Tasmanian policeman awarded record damages of $124,500 over 35 defamatory publications in The Mercury which repeatedly referred to him as “Sergeant Sleaze” ... more

Damages    March 22, 2012  
Milorad Trkulja v Yahoo! Inc and Yahoo! 7 Pty Ltd

A Melbourne man who sued Yahoo! over an internet search result that made him look like he was involved in the criminal underworld, has been awarded $225,000 by Victorian Supreme Court judge Stephen Kaye ... more

Damages    March 6, 2012  
David Forrest v Erwin Chlanda & Erwin Chlanda Pty Ltd

Alice Springs real estate agent awarded $100,000 damages over a defamatory article in the Alice Springs News (circulation 11,500) ... more

Damages    February 26, 2012  
Mamdouh Habib v Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd & Macquarie Radio Network Pty Ltd

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib wins his final defamation action – against 2UE and 2GB. NSW District Court Judge Len Levy awards him total damages of $176,296 for three broadcasts ... more