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Damages Articles from 2011
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Damages    December 1, 2011  
RSPCA (NSW) v Mal Davies

The RSPCA in NSW has been awarded damages of $100,000 over website allegations of cruelty to animals, misconduct and misuse of public donations. The website’s author, Mal Davies, was also ordered to stop posting defamatory material ... more

Damages    November 24, 2011  
Joseph Nowak v Paul Putland

A man who was subjected to “hurtful, cruel, persistent and prolonged” accusations that he was a paedophile and a “wog” gets damages of $150,000 in the QLD District Court ... more

Damages    November 1, 2011  
Cuong Trong Bui v Huynh Ba Phung and Anor

Run it up the flagpole … A bitter dispute among Vietnamese veterans results in damages of $20,000 for a defamatory letter and the striking out of a counterclaim over a speech ... more

Damages    October 31, 2011  
Melanie Cantwell v Douglas Sinclair

NSW Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman awards dragon boat racing manager $75,000 over two malicious emails sent by an aggrieved aficionado with “narcissistic personality traits” ... more

Damages    September 12, 2011  
Keith Leech v Green & Gold Energy Pty Ltd and Anor

A man defamed on several websites – including Google and Yahoo – gets damages of $30,000. NSW Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Fullerton grapples with just how many people read the material ... more

Damages    July 7, 2011  
Nicole Cornes v The Ten Group Pty Ltd & Ors

One time federal Labor candidate Nicole Cornes awarded $85,000 over a defamatory remark by comedian Mick Molloy … SA Supreme Court Justice David Peek rejects Channel Ten’s “It’s just a joke, Joyce” submission ... more

Damages    May 9, 2011  
Anthony Allen v Laurel Lloyd-Jones

Lying nun ordered to pay $65,000 damages to the mayor of Bega over a letter she maliciously sent to the media and the NSW premier. NSW District Court Judge Andrew Colefax finds there was no truth at all to her allegations ... more

Damages    April 26, 2011  
A closer look at damages

The cap on damages under the uniform Defamation Act of 2005 remains controversial. In this article barrister Matthew Lewis reviews the quantum of damages awarded since the Act came into effect ... more

Damages    March 21, 2011  
Peter Higgins & Ors v John Sinclair

NSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Johnson takes the unusual step of granting an injunction – after first awarding two plaintiffs $100,000 each over an inventor’s defamatory website ... more

Damages    January 31, 2011  
Chief Maximus Onu Osuamadi v Bartholomew Okoroafor

NSW District Court Judge Leonard Levy brings down his first defamation damages decision, which includes special damages – for the time the plaintiff had to spend in court. The Gazette looks at this, and other interesting aspects of the judgment ... more

Damages    January 24, 2011  
Ashok Shandil v Sunil Sharma

Bitter rivalry at school of Hindi Language Studies results in $80,000 damages to former principal. NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson finds that “every word that the defendant spoke was false” ... more